What should be the Ideal Strategy to Crack JEE Main 2019?

24 Sep, 2018
What should be the Ideal Strategy to crack JEE Main 2019?

According to the new guidelines set by NTA for the behaviour of the JEE main 2019 test, there is no change in the question pattern and curriculum for the exam. There are two major changes made in the test- firstly, the test will be carried out twice in a year and secondly, the test was made completely online. As of 2019, there will be no pen and paper-based test for JEE Main, and only computer-aided tests will be performed by NTA to provide approval for the willing candidate. Below you can check the tips for preparing for the JEE main 2019 test considering the new format described for the test.

You may be a little stunned and feel disorderly about the huge JEE main 2019 syllabus, but until you have the commitment, perseverance, and sureness in yourself, you can easily crack JEE main 2019. You just have to start soon. If you are in class 11 or class 12 and are striving to appear in JEE Main 2019, Equip yourself and start your preparations sooner Some quick tips or points to remember while preparing for the JEE Main are listed below.

  • Be acquainted with the JEE main 2019 curriculum.
  • Know which section or topic that needs the most groundwork.
  • Create a schedule accordingly. Divide the months and dedicate them to a specific chapter or chapter.
  • Don’t go beyond the curriculum. Follow the curriculum prescribed by the JEE Executive Board. It will be sufficient if they are completely covered.
  • Practice, practice a lot. Practice the problems with NCERT books and search books.
  • Answer the question papers. If you start early today, you can go to the next level and solve other exam’s question papers. This gives you an advantage over the difficult questions and you will get used to solve a variety of questions.
  • Let unclear concepts be clarified JEE Main test your basic concepts and how familiar they are with you. So it is a must to clarify all your concepts of each subject.

    Some Important Strategies to be followed during JEE Main 2019 Preparation are listed below:

    Know where to begin: Begin your preparations as per to the curriculum required for the exam. Do not neglect other topics for the topics listed below. These topics are more scoring, but remember that you can only score well in the exam if you are to be able to answer questions from any topic to be asked in the exam.

    Quality vs. Quantity: trying to solve everything for its own sake will not make a difference. When solving the problems, make sure that you agree with the concept and the theory. You need to know which formula to use and why you should be using it.

    Doubts pile up: Don’t let the doubts pile up trying to solve them as soon as possible. Also, do not stop because you are stuck in doubt. Try to resolve the doubts individually, or at the end of the chapter completion.

    Plan up properly: Aspirants cannot clear the JEE exam without proper preparation. Candidates should prepare a timetable and follow it firmly. Time is very vital for all JEE aspirants. Make a timetable it will help you to distribute the time for all subjects evenly. Each student should design the table according to his about circadian rhythms. As we know that all students have a different about circadian rhythms, i.e. some students like to study early in the morning, while some students prefer a late-night study.

    Do not hesitate: Do not hold a theme for tomorrow, it will create a backlog. Residues are the most dangerous obstacle in their preparations. The schedule you have prepared must be followed with complete discipline.

    Concentrate on every subject: To clear the JEE main, a student should not disregard any of the three subjects. The aspirants should have the same expertise in all three subjects. Try to prepare the notes for all subjects, as we will not be able to study the whole curriculum just before the exam. The notes should contain key theories, methods, and questions of the past year. In order to achieve the same competence in all three subjects, a candidate habitually requires a regular practice of the questions and a review of all concepts.

    Liable on the coaching: Do not stay too dependent on the coaching. Self-study is very important, without it you cannot recognize its strength and weaknesses. Self-study, Create notes in your own handwriting. Practice what you have practised in school/coaching. You can find new doubts or new ways to solve the same problem.

    This is what should be the ideal strategy to crack JEE Main 2019. All the students should comply with the aforesaid strategies to inch closer towards success.


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