Ten Quick Things to Remember while you prepare for JEE Main 2019

22 Sep, 2018
How to prepare for JEE Main 2019

JEE Main 2019 is going to be the most imperative exam for the students of 12th class who want to nurture their career in the field of engineering. Cracking this exam and after that, JEE Advanced is the only way to get the entry ticket of IITs and NITs for B.Tech and other UG level engineering exams. This year NTA (National Testing Agency) will act as the conducting authority of JEE Main 2019 and the exam will be conducted online only. JEE Main preparation under the right guidance is what the aspirants must be seeking for these days since JEE Main 2019 January is knocking around. This article includes the 10 vital things to ponder over if you are preparing for JEE Main 2019.     

  1. Stay motivated always

Burden forces many of you to give up all your co-curricular activities and just prepare for the JEE test, but remember you should not just give up your interests for JEE. The preparation is good but does not kill other good qualities that you have for it. Take quick breaks from your preparation and do what you like during these breaks. You can be an actor or a model, even after engineering, so do not lose hope! Let this factor motivate you to be much better, so that you have a great college life ahead of you, in which you can pursue all your interests. Pressure forces many of you to give up all your co-curricular activities and just prepare for the JEE test, but remember you should not just give up your interests for JEE. The preparation is good but does not kill other good qualities that you have for it.

  1. Learn techniques of memorization

    In this competition of JEE, you can’t manage to lose even one mark. So, during your JEE preparation, you must go through an agonizing procedure to make formulas, details, and perhaps the most tedious topic – inorganic Chemistry. Memorization can be quite tedious and painful at the beginning, so you have to work wisely. As soon as you know the guiles to remember, your life will be stress-free.

    1. Know the starting point

    Yes, typically this is a bad routine to nurture – so try to comprehend concepts as deep as possible. But don’t waste too much time to understand a concept that is beyond the scope of JEE. Many things were derived experimentally. As such, you may not have an explanation on your level. In your bachelor’s degree program you will definitely get to know many such concepts.

    1. Quality vs. Quantity

    The JEE test does not necessitate you to resolve 10 books and summon up every minute point. Rather, it needs you to realize things and then think totally about them. It endorses a logical methodology. They also have a preference for quality in terms of questions and books they do. Do not run for 10 books because doing the best and the relevant would solve their purpose. Choose a good set of books and attempt lots of mock papers from JEE Main and JEE.

    1. Do not try to estimate the paper

    Most candidates try to guesstimate the JEE exam paper with several ideas. These debates are useless and divert you from your goal. In addition, guesses in JEE advanced could be relentlessly damaging as the pattern of the paper alters radically each year. The marking system, the topic wise weightage and even the highest marks of the test are all flexible aspects in JEE advanced. Do not allow yourself to evaluate the paper in advance!

    1. Self-study is more than enough

    Coaching guides well and puts you on track, but if you do not have the essential services and aim to do it without tutoring, then you can! Don’t let this aspect govern you. Use every guide you get and cope up with your timetable with it. You get a lot of time to do self-study without coaching.

    1. Have a revision strategy

    Your revision approach must emphasis on resolving problems with multiple theories. Work on each question for more time and breakthrough various approaches to do the same question. Doing particular questions in the last few months benefit you and if you decrease your dependency on the type of paper that would come. Do not follow any specific paper pattern for JEE advanced, because the test is full of surprises and the pattern changes constantly.

    1. Follow your timetable

    A roster is the key to complete your curriculum on time and start with a proper practice of different questions and old papers before the exam. Allocate some days for review and clearing bottlenecks. Do not make an overstretched schedule and try to create a timetable that you can believably follow.

    1. Good books are your friends

    Pick a good book that will primarily teach you theories in depth and then go to a book for the Learning theory application. For JEE advanced worth counts more than quantity. So do not run too many books and make the books you choose in their wholeness.

    1. Speed and accuracy

    Speed and precision go hand in hand. If you have a good speed but have a limited precision, it can be risky. If you are accurate, but lacks speed, it means that it is not good. JEE Mains is an exam where you don’t have much time, so any question you try to get you to Ace. The only thing you can do or break if you are a JEE network or advanced aspirant is that how accurate you are when it comes to problem solving, and it becomes just as important than how quickly you can solve a problem. If you take a paper that you expect to solve a problem every two minutes, you must make sure that any question you try is correct and that you do not exceed the deadline.

    This is all you need to focus on to embrace success in JEE Main 2019. Stay tuned to us for more crucial tips about JEE Main 2019.


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