Misconceptions about JEE Main 2019

18 Oct, 2018
Misconceptions about JEE Main 2019

In general, engineers always dream of getting into IITs. But most of them eventually retire because of the various myths associated with IITs. These myths are the result of external influence and peer pressure. It is true that candidates must burn the midnight oil to crack the JEE Main 2019 and JEE Advanced 2019 exams. Therefore, they are already under pressure, and when they hear of misunderstandings, this ultimately blocks their opinion. It would be no understatement to say that most aspirants from India dream of getting a place in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. This is the reason why over 12 lakh candidates are trying for two of the toughest competitive exams – JEE Main 2019 and JEE Advanced 2019.

On the other hand, only 2.2 lakh will be carefully chosen for the JEE Advanced 2019. This gap between the number of aspirants and the limited number of seats has increased the importance of these institutions. This is accompanied by the widespread rumors and myths about the entrance exam and the IITs themselves. Let’s take a look at some of these myths and reveal the reality. They do not hear their conscience and act reasonably. Instead, they prefer to listen to others, so they can easily get carried away by the misunderstandings. In fact, some students even prefer to give up midway.

  • Considering offline coaching: It is totally a fable that JEE aspirants must take part in the offline coaching class to pass the exams. If you want to pass the exam with a good result, all you need to do is learn well. You can use the IIT JEE learning material provided online and view the online IIT JEE test series and video lectures prepared for JEE aspirants. The studies found that more than 45 percent of aspirants crack JEE without attending offline classes.
  • A hard nut to crack: There are many aspirants who give up halfway because they think that JEE preparation is too hard and not their cup of tea. They were dizzy with the thought of dropping the exam, and finally they gave up. Many students think that scholarship holders and Rankers can only pass this exam. But do you know that it’s a myth? Those who prefer to work by understanding the concepts without misbehaving can easily pass JEE. An average student can also pass JEE, provided that he prefers to understand the concepts.
  • No need to spend too much of time: In order to clear JEE, it is very imperative that you spend at least 6 hours in studies. You must read the chapters and understand the concepts thoroughly. Always keep in mind that there is fierce competition in this education sector because almost one in two candidates wanted to join the prestigious IITs. So, if you want to become an IITian, ​​then it is necessary that you study properly and withstand the tough competition. Preparing for 5 to 6 hours is actually nothing if you do not acquaint the concepts or are unable to visualize the same with real-time applications. It is an established fact that the human brain cannot focus on anything for more than 20 to 30 minutes but for qualified otherwise. If you try to stretch the period of a complete and continual flow of concentration, you will have trouble.
  • Travelling to Kota is mandatory: Kota is the center of the most popular coaching classes, but who says you even need coaching classes to crack JEE? Repeatedly, specialists and ex-students discuss whether coaching courses are a trend or a necessity. Coaching classes add to the confusion when you prepare for JEE. They provide guidance and support, but this happens in a time-consuming manner, in an extremely large batch size without personal attention. Another alternative would be reference works and digital learning.
  • IITs are of too much pressure: One semester at IIT lasts only four months and students do not finish during those months. Various tests, viva-voce, projects and practical exams are held all over the semester to keep the candidates on their feet. These are prearranged in such a way that they take into account the approach and capability of the aspirants and generally do not overwhelm them. Students find time for extracurricular activities and sports, especially if they plan ahead.

    IITs, NITs, GFTIs are, for a good reason, the most reputable institutes – as you prepare for the JEE exam, you will learn how to master the time well and refine your problem-solving skills. Most IITs have very experienced professors and are very reachable. Spending four years among the brightest minds in the country will help you grow personally.


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