JoSAA Registration and Choice Filling 2019

19 Jun, 2018

JoSAA Registration & Choice filling 2019- JOSAA stands for Joint Seat Allocation Authority. It is an organization that is set up by the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development) of Indian Government for managing and monitoring the admission methods of 100 Tertiary colleges and institutes which are controlled by the Indian Government. JOSAA provides admission to reputed institutes like IIT, NIT, GFTI (Government Funded Technical Institutes) and IIFT.  There are 23 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), 31 National Institute of Technology (NITs), 23 Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs) and 23 GFTIs under JoSAA. JOSAA conducts online entrance exams and the candidates who are able to pass the JOSAA Entrance Exam with Good Marks are given the opportunity to study in the best technical colleges and institutes in India.

For getting admission under JoSAA, the candidates require to get registered and do Choice filling before the last date. For registering and choice filling, the candidates would require his or her JEE Main roll number & password, in order to get registered in the admission process. JEE Advanced password would be already created for candidates who have qualified the JEE (Main) exam. When the candidate would have finished his/her registration, he/she would have to select the B. Tech course, that he/she wants to pursue and select the participating institute under JoSAA from where he/she wants to do the B. Tech Course. Candidates, who have passed the Main Exam of JEE, would be eligible for seeking admission in NITs, GFTIs & IITs . On the other hand, the candidates who passed the JEE Advanced exam would be considered qualified for IIT admissions and all the other above-mentioned institutes in India. This article is written with the aim to provide the candidates with all the relevant information that would be required by the candidate to register themselves under JoSAA & to do the choice filling.

    The following are the steps that should be completed to finish the “JoSAA Registration & Choice Filling 2019 process:

    • Registration
    • Filling up of the Choices
    • Locking of Choices

    JoSAA Registration and Choice Filling 2019

    The candidates should be careful while registering for JoSAA and during Choice filling, as the candidates would be allocated seats according to their choice and eligibility. Following are the steps that the candidate must follow while doing JoSAA Registration and Choice Filling 2019:


    The JoSAA Registration and Choice Filling 2019 would be done someday in the Middle of June 2019. All the candidates who have either passed either JEE Main or JEE Advanced are eligible to register for JoSAA 2019. The candidates who have passed JEE Main can apply for IIT, IIIT and GFTI. Whereas, the candidates who have passed JEE Advanced can apply for IITs and all the other institutes that come under JoSAA. The following are the steps that should be followed by the applicants to get themselves Registered for JoSAA 2019:

    • The candidate first needs to visit the official website of JoSAA. It is advised that the candidate is using the latest version of browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, for ensuring that he/she don’t face any technical problem while doing the JoSAA Registration and Choice Filling 2019.
    • Then, the candidate needs to LOGIN to their account by entering their JEE (Main) 2019 roll number, their password and the Security Pin (It would be displayed in the box at the bottom of the Security Pin Text Box). If the candidate would be doing the JEE Advanced 2019, then they must LOGIN using their JEE Advanced roll number and password.
    • When the candidate would get LOGIN, all the information given by the candidate for JEE Main would be retrieved from the JEE (Main) website and will be shown to the candidate. These information will be the one that the candidate filled during the JEE (Main) Registration. Then the candidate should check the retrieved data for any discrepancies and mistakes.
    • According to the JoSAA registration and choice filling 2019 guidelines, the candidate must mandatorily change his or her password. It is also necessarily to answer a security question in order to ensure access to the candidates account even if the candidate forget the password of his/her account.
    • The candidate would also be able to change a few things, such as their Contact Details in the JoSAA registration form
    • If the data retrieved is correct and complete, the candidate should click upon the “SUBMIT CHANGES” button.

    JoSAA Choice Filling 2019

    After filling the JoSAA registration process 2019, the list of all the colleges and institutes under JoSAA would appear. The candidates need to state his/her preference of the Institutes and the Branches. For expressing his/her choice, the candidate needs to fill their choices of the institutes and branches in the decreasing order. That is, the candidate first should select the Institute and the branch of the institute in which he wants to study. Next, he should mention another institute and its branch in which, he/she would like to study if, the candidate don’t get admission into his/her top most priority institute’s branch. The candidate must choice the Institutes and their branches in decreasing order of preference and priority.

    The Candidates are advised to fill in as much choices of their interest as possible, in order to ensure that he/she get admitted to at least one of the premier institutes in India, under JoSAA.

    Locking of Choices of Institute & Its Branch

    When, the candidate would have selected the Institutes and their Branches he/she must click on the “I Agree to Lock my Choices” button, in order to lock their choices. After locking the choices of Institutes and their branches, the candidate can also click on the “I will lock my choices later” for making any changes, if the candidate desires to change his/her choices of Institutes and their branches. If the candidates don’t lock down their choices before the time window for Choice Filling closes, then the choices which would be last saved would get locked as choices of institutes and its branch, automatically.

    Important Instructions

    The following are the important instructions that a candidate must follow while filling the JoSAA Registration and Choice filling 2019:

    • All the candidate must read the JoSAA eligibility criteria 2019 to find out whether they are eligible for applying or not.
    • All the candidates must have given and cleared the JEE (Main) and/or JEE Advanced for being able to apply for JoSAA.
    • All the candidates are advised to take a print out of the finalized locked list of institutes and branches for their reference.

    The candidates must LOGOUT from the JoSAA website after completing their work for prevent wrong people from getting access to their account, if they are using a public computer.


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