JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips

29 Aug, 2018
JEE Main 2019 Last Minute Preparation Tips

JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips is helpful for the candidates who are just about to take up JEE Main exam. The last minutes is often crucial moment for the aspirant and this very moment is as important as the whole year’s have been for the JEE Main preparation. It is undeniable that the last 1-2 years of preparation will decide the score in JEE Main exam but the last minutes of JEE Main is also crucial as it creates a lot of confusion, anxiety, nervousness, tension, excitement and storming in the mind of aspirants on the very day of JEE Main exam.  As we all know, JEE Main is India’s largest common entrance test and gateway for admission into UG level engineering program offered at India’s top engineering and technical institutes so the candidates need to make themselves fully prepared for the exam. We are providing a few JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips which might help the aspirant to appear in the JEE Main exam with full of energy and strength. Through the tips given on this page, the aspirants can stay grounded, positive, keep themselves cool & calm and will also help to give their best in JEE Main exam. Before discussing the JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips, we think to remind the aspirants a few important points of the JEE Main exam pattern. JEE Main exam will have total 90 questions with 30 in each from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each question carries 4 marks and -1 is negative marking for wrong answer. To appear in the JEE Main exam with full of energy and strength, the candidates need to keep in their mind that the difference between winning and losing is all about paying attention to last minute things. JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips is based on valuable suggestion given by the JEE Main topers.

JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips

The very last minutes of exam is so important and crucial as it makes the final mind set up by which the candidates will go to enter the exam hall. In order to avoid confusion, anxiety, nervousness, tension and get strength, the aspirants are suggested to follow the JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips as prescribed below:

    Stay positive and confident: Try to avoid confusion, anxiety, nervousness, tension and stay grounded and positive; it will boost your confidence level and will help you to perform well in the JEE Main exam. Try not to panic in minutes before JEE Main exam.

    Revision of formulas and theorems: Days before the exam, the candidates are suggested to revise the formulas and theorems. It will help the candidates not losing focus to the whole derivations and questions.

    Avoid studying on the day of exam: The aspirants are suggested avoid studying on the day of JEE Main exam as it can lead the candidates to over think and can also create stress and panic in mind.

    Reach exam centre half an hour before the exam: Each aspirants of JEE Main exam are suggested to reach the exam centre at least half an hour before starting the exam. It will save you to become panic at the exam centre. You are advised not to take any risk by getting late on exam day.

    Pick up easy questions in the Exam: Since a week before the exam date, the aspirants should start quick over of JEE Main papers. In the exam hall, the candidates are advised to pick up the easy and average questions to avoid regretting of not attempting easy questions. Try not to guess random for any question, if you do, it will fetch negative marks and ultimately bring down your score.

    Don’t waste too much time on a single question: While taking up the JEE Main exam, the candidates are advised to not spend too much time on solving a single question If they are not getting the answer on the very first try. Wasting too much time on a single question can lead the candidates towards the situation of panic and frustration which will badly impact on their efficiency.

    Read JEE Main Questions Paper Carefully: In the exam hall, some students read the question paper wrongly and make mistakes because of lot of stress. The candidates have to read question paper carefully to avoid making mistakes.

    Give your 100 percent attempt: The candidates appearing in JEE Main should try to give their 100% in the exam hall as the competition is so tough. Try to solve easy questions in the first round and don’t waste more than 5 minutes on one question. After attempting easy questions, solve the JEE Main questions as per your subject strengths. After solving subjects you find easy, go to the subject you find tough one for you because in halfway of the time you can struggle with questions. In the end time of exam, solve the subject in which you find yourself average.

    Time Management: As clearing JEE Main exam is quite tough so the candidates are suggested to perfectly manage time during JEE Main exam. If you know how to make time in exam period then it will boost up your accuracy and speed and will help you to go for different cycles to attempt questions under the given time. To complete question paper under the time limit, you will be required to solve questions in cycles until 35-40 minutes are left, it will save you time around 10 minutes.

    Apart from the suggested JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips given above, the candidates are advised to read few more JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips mentioned below:

    • Don’t let yourself be overexerted now. Take good sleep in the night before JEE Main exam, it will provide them freshness and they can write exam with a fresh and relaxed mind.
    • Boosting your concentration level is an important thing to do before appearing in JEE main exam. It will aid you in focusing during long study hours.
    • Reading something new or focusing on week zone at the last minutes of exam time is extremely bad idea. Just revise important formulae and go through strong zones.
    • Spend the first few minutes checking the question paper and reading the same. Don’t panic if you have found questions tough for you.
    • The candidates are clearly instructed to not attempt the tough questions first, go for easy ones firstly. In the middle time of JEE Main exam, the candidates are advised to do tough questions. Finishing easy questions in the starting of exam will also give the candidates the required confidence and then attempt the remaining questions.
    • Be sure about knowing the answer before attempting the question asked in JEE Main exam. Attempting the question you don’t know exact answer of can lead you toward negative marketing.

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