JEE Main 2019 V/S JEE Main 2018 – Changes to be Noted

12 Sep, 2018
JEE Main 2019 V/S JEE Main 2018

After the press release of NTA and few declarations by MHRD for the conduct of JEE Main, a chaos like situation has occurred amongst the JEE Main aspirants. Some changes have been introduced by MHRD for the conduct of JEE Main and other competitive exams from 2019 onward. But there’s nothing to worry about. GetEntrance is here for your rescue, and to answer all your queries regarding the same. The most asked question, troubling JEE Main aspirants is that what will be the difference between JEE Main 2019 and JEE Main 2018 exam. Below in this article we have discussed all the points for the reference of all the students looking for an answer out there.

What is the difference between JEE Main 2019 and JEE Main 2018 exam?

  • The major difference between both the exams would be that, JEE Main was conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) till last year. But from 2019 onward, National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting JEE Main exam along with other competitive exams, such as NEET, UGC NET, etc.
  • Another difference between both the exams is the difference in mode of conduct of exam. From 2019, the exam will be conducted in completely online mode. Whereas, till 2018 the exam was conducted in both online and offline mode of exam.
  • From now onward, students will have options to choose from different dates of conduct of exam. Till 2018, online mode had choices between two days, but from 2019 aspirants will have choices of 8 different sessions of the conduct of exam.
  • For different papers, to be conducted on different dates, normalization or say standardization will take place.
  • As per the latest notification released by NTA, Aadhaar Number is no longer mandatory to fill up the online application form of JEE Main 2019. Now, the applicants can enter any valid government identity number while filling the JEE Main online application form.

Aadhaar Card Not Mandatory For JEE Main 2019 Registration

JEE Main 2019: Important Dates as per New Exam Cycle

As mentioned earlier, JEE Main 2019 will be held twice a year- in January & April. Let’s go through the below table to memorize the important dates of different events of this exam:

JEE Main 2019 Exam (January & April)
Events Dates (January)  Date (April)
Availability of JEE Main Mock Test 1 August 2018 Not available
JEE Main Notification Release 2019 July 2018 1st Week of February 2019
JEE Main Registration 2019 starts 1 September 2018 2nd Week of February 2019
JEE Main Application 2019 last date 30 September 2018 To be announced
JEE Main Admit Card release 2019 To be announced To be announced
JEE Main Exam 2019 6 to 20 January 2019 7th to 21st April 2019
JEE Main Result 2019 First week of February 2019 1st Week of May 2019

    What is the purpose of these implications?

    • In my opinion, the best thing done is the conduct of exam twice in a year. This will help candidates to be stress free and focus more on their preparations, instead of getting panicked or stressful. Even if someone is not prepared till the January session, they can still appear for a mock stress free as they’ll have a chance of second attempt in April month of the same year.
    • Conduction of exam for CBSE was one of the works amongst all other responsibilities, but for NTA the conduction is the sole responsibility. NTA will be solely focusing on the conduct of JEE Main and other competitive exams, making it smoother and less error prone.
    • This will also reduce the paper leaking incidences.
    • It is expected that this will also lead to less conceptual, and typing mistakes in the exam, that were quiet frequent until previous years.
    • This may somewhat also lead to loss of students from rural areas. Since the exam has been made completely online, thus less exposure or no exposure to computers will lead to loss of students from villages, even the bright ones. NTA will be setting up mock test centres for the help of such students, but in my opinion it will take time to bring village students to same level as that of ones with full exposure to technology.
    • Preparing and declaring the results will be smooth and prompt.

    Impact of Changes in JEE Main 2019

    • More Participation- As JEE Main 2019 is going to be conducted twice a year by NTA, this year the number of aspirants may increase to a large extent.
    • More Success Probability- All the students, who are planning to participate in JEE Main January 2019, will get the opportunity to sit again after 3 months in JEE Main April 2019. Hence, the probability for them being successful will increase in leaps and bounds.
    • No Offline Test- CBT (Computer-based Test) is always considered more convenient to the students, rather than the Pen Paper-based Test (PBT).
    • More Transparency- NTA has been given the responsibility to conduct JEE Main 2019 with a purpose to shed-off the workload of CBSE. Consequently, the JEE Main 2019 is transparent in terms of discrepancy issues reported earlier.

    These are the few differences between JEE Main 2019 and JEE Main 2018. Purpose of such implications has also been discussed above. No revelations related to the conduct of exam have been made by NTA or MHRD. Till then focus only on your preparations, to qualify the exam with flying colors.

    All the best!!


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