JEE Main 2019 – Most Scoring Topics in Chemistry

03 Oct, 2018
JEE Main 2019 - Most Scoring Topics in Chemistry

Chemistry is filled with topics that require complete mutilation of chapters. This makes the students skip on many subjects and sometimes even on the entire unit of inorganic chemistry.  Some topics from chemistry are the most important. Chemistry is the topic that is usually overlooked by JEE aspirants. The dispute is that the subject implicates a lot of memorization. However, if the subject is studied properly, you will see that most of the concepts in this topic are quite intuitive and logical. All it needs is the right understanding of the fundamentals. The chemistry should be carried out with the utmost care as it is a very scoring issue and less time to take. Many questions can also be answered by looking at the options in chemistry. So try to omit as much as possible in chemistry. In chemistry, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry all have the same weights in the JEE test, but each of them have certain chapters that carry the maximum scale as discussed below

  • Organic Compounds containing Oxygen: This chapter contains detailed content on aldehydes and ketones. This topic is taught in class 12 and since it contains two important classes of compounds, it has a larger cradle in JEE Main 2019. These reactions are often asked in this chapter.
  • Gaseous State: This concept orbits around the well-known equation (PV = NRT) and its variations. It is therefore very easy to solve the problems of this chapter. All that is needed is the ability to quickly read the problem and visualize the scenario.
  • Ionic & Chemical Equilibrium: These topics are significant chapters of physical chemistry. To make yourself acquainted with formulations and theories thorough is very essential for JEE Main 2019.
  • Chemical Bonding: This concept is a portion of inorganic chemistry and is taught in class 11. It is an easier part of inorganic chemistry and for the groundwork of this topic you must also look into the NCERT.
  • Thermodynamics and Heat: Although this chapter is both a part of physics and chemistry, it is widely sought after, as it has different conventions in both subjects. Even if it is prepared, one can try questions from both subjects with a basic idea of the conventions that are used in each subject.
  • Named Reactions: A big part of organic chemistry is made up of standard ‘named ‘ Reactions, and it is anticipated that aspirants will know these reactions along with the mechanisms. It is always better to know the mechanism of a certain reaction, so that you can crack a related new problem.
  • Inorganic Chemistry: Most questions of inorganic chemistry are chosen from p-block elements, and it is hence significant to know this chapter rather than just mugging it. A good understanding of periodic table and the tendencies in the properties of atoms will support you to know the reactions well.
  • General Organic Chemistry: This chapter is pretty scoring because it is easy and many questions are posed in Jee from here. It is significant as it forms the basis for all organic chemistry. For that reason, aspirants should not miss it.
  • Coordination Compounds: This topic is key for both JEE Main 2019 and Advanced exams. It is learnt in class 12th and is extensively questioned in nearly all engineering entrances.
  • Biomolecules & Polymers: These concepts need a lot of groundwork in terms of understanding every detail, but these subjects are very significant for JEE Main 2019, as they are continuously in mandate and can be responded straight with good learning. So these questions fetch you easy marks with a negligible time use when you recollect these chapters.
  • Qualitative Analysis:  This chapter is very notorious among JEE aspirants, because it is probably one of those chapters that requires quite a bit of memorization. However, this chapter is pretty scoring because the issues that are posed in JEE from this chapter are quite simple and easy to crack. The concise inorganic chemistry of JD Lee is quite good for this chapter.

You have to understand that it is very important to read as much as possible to learn chemistry. The revision is also crucial, as there is a way to forget things. Take chemistry as seriously as math and physics. Don’t ignore this topic just because you feel chemistry is pure “Stuffing.”

    Weightage are scattered almost consistently in the three streams of chemistry. It is important not to miss a topic from inorganic chemistry, since the topic is very easy scoring.


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