JEE Main 2019: Easiest Scoring Areas in Physics

03 Oct, 2018
JEE Main 2019: Easiest Scoring Areas in Physics

Physics is about concepts and logic. Sometimes physics can become harder, especially when questions become more conceptual. In physics, complexity also increases when concepts of two chapters begin to mix in a single question. To crack JEE Main, you need to prepare the smart path and not the hard way. Particular attention should be given to the JEE-main chapters, which have a high weight. The mastery of the JEE main chapters will definitely give you the much needed extra edge to crack JEE main investigation. Chapters like the electrodynamics are often mixed with gravitation, and this causes deadly questions that are too difficult to understand. It is a subject that is feared by many JEE aspirants, and a large number of aspirants will soon give up the physics. For the same reason, it is really important to know the level of difficulty and the weighting of the various topics. Learn more about the scoring themes of JEE physics and the amount of effort you need.

Physics Previous Year Papers- Quick analysis

Units Dimensions Errors 4% of Questions
Work Energy Power 4% of Questions
Simple Harmonic Motion 5% of Questions
Wave Optics 5% of Questions
Laws of Motion 6% of Questions
Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism 6% of Questions
Ray Optics 6% of Questions
Rotational Motion 7% of Questions
Wave Motion 7% of Questions
Heat and Thermodynamics 8% of Questions
Electrostatics 9% of Questions

JEE Main 2019 – Important Chapters in Physics

  • Atomic Structure in Modern Physics
  • Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
  • Photo-Electric Effect and Electromagnetic Waves
  • Experimental Physics
  • Modern physics
  • Current electricity
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Oscillations and sound
  • Heat and thermodynamics
  • Semiconductors and Communication System

Heat thermodynamics: it is also a very simple topic but most of the aspirants find it tough. If you through with this topic you can answer 50% of the questions easily

    Electromagnetism and rotation: They are also important and have a good cradle in JEE. These chapters are quite difficult and great. They are important for JEE main as well as for JEE advanced.

    Laws of motion: If you be acquainted with three laws of motion or Newton’s laws of motion, and know how to relate them in a question or problem to solve like in every problem then the marks are completely reserved for you

    Electro-static: They have very few concepts of electro-static such as force between loads, filed, potential, Gauss law, dipole, and parallel plate capacitor. Of all these topics are Gauss’s law and parallel plate capacitor themes that require some more attention.

    Atoms and Nuclei: This section is almost the last part of the entire JEE curriculum and is considered to be uninteresting by most of them. Since it is usually a JEE Main 2019 specific topic, candidates have a habit of skipping it. On the other hand, this concept is a key one and may have more one question. Also, it will procure easy marks and hence, shouldn’t be hopped completely.

    Some simple tips to remember while preparing for Physics:

    • Don’t emphasize formulas and focus more on concepts. Tend to do subjective problems from these topics, because that will really help you to deduce things on your own from the basics.
    • Make sure that you create charts for the questions from these topics and analyze the situations correctly before you begin to resolve the problem.
    • Practice a lot to make sure that you are familiar with all the familiar concepts and ask different questions to get a better grip on the concepts.
    • The papers of the past year must be made to familiarize you with the kind of questions that can be posed in JEE main and which are both advanced.
    • The above chapters are made more frequently and are not very tough either. They will not take much time and not be difficult to understand. You should still practice them sufficiently because the easier you could solve questions to them.
    • The main purpose of the preparation of these chapters is that the questions from these topics are done easily and quickly, and that will save your time and you would get time to solve other long questions more peacefully

    Physics can be hard for maximum aspirants, but once you know how to do it, you can do it. In physics, it is a matter of studying very well organized and preparing for the exam. For the same reason, it is of the utmost importance to make the papers of the past year. Just don’t give in to physics and every time you feel depressed about physics, you do a lot of basic problems and strengthen your confidence.


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