JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019

09 Jul, 2018

JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 – The candidates having a place in the reserved category will have the capacity to take the career in the field of Bachelor of Technology if they meet the requisite reservation criteria of JAC Delhi 2019. The institutes participating in the Joint Admission Counselling (Delhi) have a certain number of seats reserved for the different categories of the student who are looking for confirmation of admission in Bachelor of Technology programme.  The conducting body of JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 has reserved seats for Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and other backward classes. There are likewise other subcategories such as Defence and physically challenged personnel are also available under General category, SC, ST, OBC, -NCL. The institutes which will take part in JAC Delhi reservation criteria incorporate Delhi Technological University (DTU), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT Delhi), Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW) and Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT). This article will provide complete information about the JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019.

Candidates who are planning to claim JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 need to check the table listed below. The percentage of seats of the different categories and the subcategories which will be offered by the participating institutes of the JAC is listed below.

    Percentage of Seat reserved by DTU and NSIT

    Category Percentage
    Schedule Caste (SC) 15%
    Schedule Tribe (ST) 7.5%
    Other Backward Class (OBC) – Non-Creamy Layer 27%

    5% of the seats are kept reserved for the candidates belong to the subcategory Defence under each of the Main categories according to the priority.

    Priority wise JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 under Defence Category

    1. Widows/wards of Defense Personnel/Para-Military Personnel killed in action.
    2. Wards of performing services in Defense personnel and ex-servicemen/Para-Military Personnel disabled in motion.
    3. Widows or wards of defence personnel/Para-military personnel who died in peacetime with the loss of life as a consequence of army service.
    4. Wards of defence personnel/Para-military employees disabled in peacetime with the disability as a consequence of military service.
    5. Wards of serving defence personnel and ex-servicemen para-military / police personnel who’ve acquired the Gallantry Awards which are provided beneath:
    • Param Vir Chakra
    • Ashok Chakra
    • SarvottamYudh Seva Medal
    • Mahavir Chakra
    • Kirti Chakra
    • UttamYudh Seva Medal
    • Vir Chakra
    • Shaurya Chakra
    • Yudh Seva Medal
    • Sena/ Nau Sena/ Vayu Sena Medal
    • Mention-in-Despatches
    • President’s Police Medal for Gallantry
    • Police Medal for Gallantry
    1. Wards of Defense Ex-servicemen
    2. Wards of Serving Defense personnel

    JAC Delhi Reservation of Seats 2019 for Physically Challenged

    Three per cent seats will be reserved in every one of the primary categories under the physically challenged individual subcategory. Seats will be saved on the criteria that are given underneath.

    Criteria on the basis of which seats are reserved:

    S.No Details %
    1. Person with low vision or blindness 1%
    2. Person with speech and hearing impairment 1%
    3. Person with locomotor disabilities and/or cerebral palsy, including dyslexia 1%

    JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 for Kashmiri Migrants Supernumerary

    Each of the participating institutes will reserve one seat of JAC Delhi from the total number of seats. The preference of the candidates will be based on the points listed below.

    • Candidates who have passed the necessary qualifying exam from the college, school, institutes which are located in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi.
    • Parents who are registered in Delhi upto June 11, 2017, as Kashmiri migrant
    • Those who are residing in the NCT region

    The Kashmiri migrants will be offered admission who resides outside Delhi in case there is an availability of seats.

    JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 for Single Girl Child only at DTU

    In each branch of DTU, one seat will be reserved from the normal number of seat for single girl child candidates and those who passed the qualifying examination from a school in NCT of Delhi.

    JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 for Central/State Board Toppers (TP) only at DTU

    In each branch of DTU, one seat will be reserved for central and state board toppers. Those candidates claiming for the reservation, in any case, should deliver the requisite certificates that are issued from the authority at the time of announcing for confirmation of admission at DTU.

    JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 at IGDTW

    The criteria for reservation of seats for admission to the IGDTW are enlisted in the table below:

    S.No Category Percentage
    1. Schedule Caste (SC) 15%
    2. Scheduled Tribes (ST) 7.55%
    3. Other Backward Class (OBC-NCL) 27%

    JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 for IIIT Delhi

    The percentage of the reservation of seats applied for different categories at IIIT Delhi is mentioned in the table below.

    S.No Category Percentage
    1. Schedule Caste (SC) 15%
    2. Scheduled Tribes (ST) 7.55%
    3. Other Backward Class (OBC-NCL) 27%

    Important Points for JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019

    • The seats which are vacant for SC and ST are replaceable.
    • It will be considered as unreserved if the seats are left empty under the OBC-NCL category.
    • If the sufficient number of candidates are not available in sub-category Defence and physically challenged individual, at that point the seats will be viewed as unreserved in the particular category.

    Documents needed in Support of Reservation

    The candidates of SC, ST, and OBC-NCL need to produce the category certificate in case they are claiming the reservation. The authorities are approved for issuing such a certificate is listed below.

    • District Magistrate / 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / Collector / Additional Deputy Commissioner / Deputy Collector / Additional Magistrate / City Magistrate (not below the rank of 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate), Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Taluka Magistrate / Deputy Commissioner / Extra Assistant Commissioner.
    • Secretary to Administration / Administrator /Development Officer (Laccadive & Minicoy Islands)
    • Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the candidates and/or his/her family normally resides
    • Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.

    Document needed in support of Defence Category

    The candidates need to produce the documents mentioned below for claiming the Defence category reservation of seats.

    • Record Officer issued Entitlement card in original of the Unit/Regiment of Armed Personnel of the Armed Forces in case of Armed Personnel or from the Home Ministry in case of Para-Military forces.
    • Special Pension Order and Passbook indicating special pension.
    • Gallantry award certificate.
    • Medical records in original.
    • Original Service Identity Card
    • The competent authority issued Dependency card so as to narrate the connection of the candidate with the Defence employees or Gallantry award recipient.
    • Identity Card of Original ex-servicemen / Order of Pension Payment/ Discharge book.
    • A certificate from the respective C.O. Unit in respect of serving personnel (Priority VII).

    Widows/ Wards of the officials and men of military consisting of Para-navy personnel who died or disabled on duty (each because of military service) are required to provide a certificate which needs to be issued from the government which are listed beneath.

    • Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board.
    • Secretary, Rajya/Zila Sainik Board
    • Officer-in-Charge, Record Office.

    The para-military forces need to provide appropriate documents and certificates which is to be issued by Competent authority notified in this regard by the Paramilitary headquarters. A statement to the impact that “the dying/physical disability (percentage to be stated) is attributed to military service” is needed to be covered in the certificates.

    Documents needed for Kashmiri Migrants

    Below are the mentioned documents for claiming the Kashmiri reservation.

    • Provisional or original Senior School Certificate examination or an examination recognized as equivalent.
    • Mark-sheet of the Senior School Certificate Examination or an examination recognized as equivalent.
    • Secondary School Examination or an examination recognized as equivalent. (Date of Birth)
    • Certificates of registration as Kashmiri Migrants issued by the Relief Commissioner, Jammu or Divisional Commissioner, Delhi
    • Ration Card, Photo Identity Card issued by the Election Commissioner, Driving License etc
    • Proof of property in Kashmir of the parent of the candidate

    Documents for Single Girl Child only for DTU

    The candidates need to submit the document in the case to claim reservation under this section and the document has to be duly attested by the mentioned authorities.

    • District Magistrate
    • Additional Magistrate
    • Deputy Commissioner
    • Additional Deputy Commissioner
    • Collector
    • Deputy Collector
    • 1st class Stipendiary Magistrate
    • Executive Magistrate
    • City Taluka Magistrate
    • Extra Assistant Commissioner

    Document needed for Central/State Board Topper only for DTU

    Candidates need to submit a certificate which is to be issued by the respective board at the time of document verification at DTU for claiming the JAC Delhi Seats Reservation 2019 in this category.


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