How to Prepare Yourselves for JEE Main 2019- Quick Tips to Know

03 Oct, 2018
How to Prepare Yourselves for JEE Main 2019

With new variations such as the relocation of the test conducting bodies of CBSE to the National Test Agency (NTA), the type of examination to go completely online and the examination to be carried out twice a year, the candidates must have an action plan for the preparation of JEE Main 2019, otherwise you have high chances to miss the boat. Together with the preparation of Class XII boards, the management study for JEE Main 2019 can be somewhat difficult due to the different pattern of the two tests, but if we have a plan on which we can work, the preparation will be easy and The results will be favorable.

Before the examination:

  1. Cover the curriculum for Class 11 and 12, which thoroughly includes both your concepts and your practice.
  2. Don’t get amused! It creates an environment that makes you frightening and deceiving mistakes.
  3. When you receive your request and answers, fill in the appropriate information with your consent.
  4. Prepare short notes of important topics especially chemistry. This should contain only important concepts and theories and should be short. Believe me, this is very important.
  5. If you just give your 12th board exams, then you make a balance between the two.
  6. Solve many previous years and sample papers. Try study materials of all or resonance. Try to complete this in 3 hours with the strategy discussed.
  7. A week before JEE Main 2019, do not try to learn things or to mug. Only release at least 2 papers per day and comment on your mistakes.
  8. Eat proper and healthy foods. Never eat fast food.
  9. Star the points to remember.
  10. Make neat and categorized chart.
  11. Write those points important with red ink
  12. Note down all the questions and doubts you have. Make sure to clarify them as well.
  13. Underline the most important/highlighted word in the definition.
  14. Try practicing graphs in math.
  15. Make a real free body chart with a black pen and show all the forces with a different colored pen.
  16. The duration of the problem is 3 hours and three hours; For example, use an hour on each topic.
  17. Put your first time in the focus on your energy. No question to meet more than a minute. Please distribute the following 2 hours in accordance.
  18. If all problems are potent, it is best to choose the chemistry in one hour. The number is no less than the physics and the numerical reading.
  19. Take part in a skillful coaching institute with an excellent faculty and the provision of Test series program. This can be the key building block of your JEE main 2018 preparation strategy. If you want to study, study and practice from home, use online preparation platforms.
  20. Plan a well-timed schedule to integrate your schooling and JEE preparation. Prepare notes for concepts and formulas for a quick recap by topic.

    At the time of the examination

    1. Attempt the subject first, in which you have more confidence in.
    2. First, carefully go through the paper and read the questions and get the general idea of the difficulty of the paper and plan it wisely. Planning is very important.
    3. Then mark the question that you are sure to correct. It doesn’t matter if it’s only 5 or 25 per theme. Attempt at first, not by chance.
    4. Don’t discuss topic-related things with friends.
    5. Do not carry books or notebooks for review.
    6. Stay away from candidates who make last-minute revision at the exam center.
    7. Remember to read the instructions in the question paper carefully.
    8. Just go and do the best you can.
    9. Be mentally ready for various uncertainties. So, you need to keep your coolness under all circumstances and have to do your best. Carry out all possible precautionary measurements. And above all believe in self
    10. Then attempt only the questions that are marked and do not care about others.
    11. Never try to do guesswork for the first 2.5 hours.
    12. Then if the time remains, then try unmarked questions and still not guesswork.
    13. In the last 20-30 minutes, analyze your paper. See how many questions have been tried.

    This is all about how to prepare yourselves for JEE Main 2019. Follow these tips to kiss the success. 


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