How to Prepare for UCEED 2019

03 Oct, 2018
How to Prepare for UCEED 2019

UCEED is Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design that gives the applicants admission in IIT Bombay, IIITD Jabalpur and IIT Guwahati. In order to attain success in this exam, the candidates are supposed to make every effort to score high and make their place in the merit list. Not only hard work will lead the applicants towards the path of success, rather a smart approach is needed to prepare for this entrance exam.  The candidates must make their own study plan and formulate strategies to prepare for the exam. Knowing about the syllabus and exam pattern is must as this will guide the candidates about the layout of the paper, marking scheme, topics etc.

This article will guide the candidates the ways how to prepare for UCEED 2019, syllabus details, subject wise tips and general tips of preparation, important books required for preparation and much more.

UCEED Syllabus 2019

    UCEED exam 2019 will contain the questions from the below given topics that come under its syllabus:

    Visualization & Spatial Ability

    • Pictorial and diagrammatic kind of question.
    • Understanding of transformation and/or manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships
    • Awareness of practical and everyday scientific and mechanical concepts

    Observation & Design Sensitivity

    • Ability for detecting concealed properties in ordinary things, situations, people and events, and possess a critical thinking about them.
    • Pay heed to certain details, reasoning, inferring, analyzing, classifying
      and predicting.
    • Potential to differentiate between visual properties and aesthetic outcomes.

    Environmental & Social Awareness

    • General awareness related to environmental factors like climate, water, population, vegetation, weather, pollution, natural resources etc., and their impact on the product designs, infrastructure, images, and environment.
    • Knowledge about social and cultural contact with the design, history of the designed artifact, design responses that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.
    • Sculpture, history of art and literature.

    Analytical & Logical Reasoning

    • Potential to look at information, whether qualitative or quantitative in nature, and discern patterns within the information.
    • Potential to focus on arguments, opinions or solutions against appropriate criteria.
    • Potential to verify the hidden bias or hidden assumptions and whether evidence and argument support conclusions.
    • Ability to make use of logic and structured thinking to deduce from a short passage, what are the number of statements with the most accurate response to a posed question.
    • Data Interpretation, brainteasers and patterns.

    Language and Creativity

    • Ability to apprehend and make use of Standard English.
    • Awareness of English grammar like the use of tenses, sentence structure and usage, articles, vocabulary skills, verb patterns and active and passive constructions etc.
    • Reading comprehension
    • Potential to enhance creative thinking in terms of alternatives, develop out of the box thinking and ability to distinguish innovative options.

    Design Thinking & Problem-solving

    • Usage of visual analogies, signs, metaphors and symbols.
    • Apprehend the complexity, generate more options, keep problem solving approach, evaluate options and choose solutions.

    How to Prepare for UCEED 2019? (Subject Specific Tips)

    The subject wise tips to prepare for UCEED 2019 are given below:

    Prepare well for Visualization and Observation

    There are various sections in this paper and the tips are given as under:

    • For Animation movement section of the paper, the applicants need to be aware of the image movements, information about creating videos and animation. AT the time of solving such questions, the candidates must take utmost care about their observation skills. They must attempt the questions related to animation movement.
    • For solving the questions related to geometric objects, the candidates can show their imagination and visualizations skills. The examiner also looks for these two skills in the candidates. The applicants can solve the practice tests and mock tests for better preparation.
    • Practice more for Illusions as they are the best ways to improvise the observation skills of the candidates. The candidates can also take it as a key tip to achieve success in UCEED exam.
    • The section of evolution of objects includes the product cycle of an object from the past to present. The applicants should be able to observe the same and then use their sharp acumen to learn about everyday use from past to present.

    Do not Ignore Abstract Tests

    • The applicants who are ready to appear in UCEED exam 2019 must be aware of abstract, mathematical and mechanical aptitude.
    • With the help of abstract tests, the assessment of the applicants’ ability to sort out the problems will be evaluated.
    • As it possesses great weightage in UCEED exam, the applicants cannot afford to ignore or skip the same at any cost.

    Focus on English Comprehension & Language

    • The paper of UCEED exam also involves the questions pertaining to sentence completion, reading comprehension etc.
    • The candidates need to make best preparation of this subject well in advance as learning English is not an overnight affair.
    • The candidates need to make themselves proactive in solving this section.
    • The applicants must make it a note of preparing it well and not to take so much time while solving this section in UCEED exam.
    • The candidates need to refer to the books of various good authors for preparing English comprehension and language.

    Spend a Little Time on General Awareness

    • The candidates should be updated with the national and international news and for this reading newspaper on daily basis, flipping the pages of some general awareness books would be the wise move.
    • No need to prepare about this for the whole day, just invest a little time daily as this section is something that can neither be given much attention nor ignorance.

    Emphasize upon Reasoning Tests

    • Reasoning is an interesting subject and most of the applicants love solving puzzles and other problems.
    • For this section of the paper, the candidates need to practice as much as they can.
    • There are various types of questions in reasoning and the applicants must know about the tricks to solve them quickly and accurately.
    • Try to solve the sample papers and prepare yourself well to answer any kind of reasoning problem with least difficulty.

    Keep yourself Abreast with Environmental Studies

    • At the time of creating designs, the candidates must remember the fact that they are eco-friendly.
    • Whatever design you create should not lay negative effect on the future of environment.
    • The applicants need to keep the idea of ‘Go Green’ in their minds at the time of creating innovative designs.
    • There are certain things that should strike the minds of the applicants when they create designs and these are the components used for creating the product, its impact on environment and also other options of the materials that can be utilized for the same.

    How to Prepare for UCEED 2019? (General Tips)

    The general tips of preparation for UCEED exam 2019 are as under:

    • Read well about the pattern of the exam and the syllabus so that you have clarity on the topics and paper layout.
    • Try to solve as many sample papers as you can as this will help you to gain confidence before appearing for the main exam.
    • The mock tests are also the best ways to get the complete idea of the paper in advance. Moreover, with this, the candidates can assess their own performance.
    • As far as the speed and accuracy is concerned, it will come with practice tests on regular basis.
    • You need to develop the habit of revising the topics as it will help you to recall the things properly.
    • To understand the topics better, you can make a streamlined study plan so that every subject will get covered and there is no scope of skipping any topic.
    • You should understand the weightage of every section and prepare the topics accordingly.
    • Practice to solve the questions within the given time duration of the exam as speed is another factor that is quite significant.
    • Take good care of your health and eat nutritious diet.
    • Make sure that you read the instructions before giving the paper and also bring the documents as mentioned by the authority.

    Important Books for UCEED Preparation

    UCEED being one of the most reputable entrance exams in the country for designing, the best preparation is needed for the candidates who wish to crack the same. As far as the study material is concerned, the applicants cannot rely upon any type of study material. Only the books of the reputed authors are recommended for best preparation of UCEED 2019. The details are mentioned below:

    Books for English Language

    • Comprehensive English for NID, NIFT, UCEED, CEED, NATA, B.Arch & Other Design Entrance Exams by Designologue
    • High School Grammar and Composition (Multicolor Edition) by Wren & Martin
    • High School Grammar and Composition by Wren & Martin
    • Word Power Made Easy by Norman & Lewis (For Vocabulary)

    Books for Analytical and Logical Reasoning

    • Quantitative Aptitude (Latest Edition) by R.S Aggarwal
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (New Edition) by R.S Aggarwal
    • Quantitative Aptitude (Old Edition) by R.S Aggarwal
    • Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma
    • Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

    Other UCEED Books

    • UCEED (B.DES) Entrance Books and test series by AFAINDIA
    • UCEED Design Environment & Social Awareness In Design Perspective Combined With Mental & Verbal Aptitude by Sreejanshilpa
    • NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by Surendra Kavimandan
    • Careers in Fashion Technology & Design by Student Aid Publications

    Here ends the detailed information about UCEED preparation tips. For any further query, feel free to connect with us.


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