How to Prepare for JEE Main 2019 Paper II

15 Oct, 2018
How to prepare for JEE Main 2019 Paper II

How to Prepare for JEE Main 2019 Paper II- If you want to enter B.Arch. & B. Planning courses on JEE Main 2019, you need to model the prescribed curriculum for a results-oriented preparation. There are no changes in the JEE Network exam curriculum in 2019. The curriculum will remain as in 2018. Drawing test in the entrance test for the architecture admission tests the drawing ability of an applicant. The exam includes questions related to architecture that make it necessary for students to be familiar with famous national and international buildings. In addition, students need to think about the related issues and examination patterns. This also examines how well a candidate can observe their surroundings and interpret them through drawings. Paper 2 deals not only with the coloring of skills or artistic abilities, but also sees the transfer of thoughts from mind to paper.

  1. Arch is a 3-hour examination based on mathematics, suitability and a drawing test. The aptitude test can only be written in English. You need to wear your own color and drawing aids. Paper 1 can be tried in both online and offline mode, while paper 2 can only be tried with pen and paper. Scoring good grades in this exam is a very hard task for all the candidates. Hence there will be a lot of competition, candidates must have a detailed idea about the JEE Paper 2 syllabus and study efficiently to score high.

The candidates are examined for their accuracy in every entrance examination, so that strategic thinking and planning in advance would make a well-prepared comparison with their competitors. As we say, fruits of work are always sweet, so the candidates must be mentally convinced that they are going this extra mile to achieve their goals. On average, a JEE aspirant is expected to study at least 5 to 6 hours a day.

Some important Tips to Clear the JEE Main 2019 Paper II

  1. Simple drawing, the entire object in its correct ratio and shape, relative position, surface structure, and details of its components in appropriate scale, ordinary domestic or everyday food usable objects such as equipment, furniture, etc.
  2. Instead of learning through red, you focus on understanding the concept before moving on to the next topic. Specifically refer to the books of Class XI and XII for mathematics.
  3. Share your curriculum in monthly and weekly segments and assign practical goals to reach them.
  4. Work on your observation skills and drawing to prepare for aptitude and drawing tests. You can join a coaching class for drawing practice.
  5. Geometric drawing with lines, triangles, angles, quadrilateral, circles, polygons, study of the plan (aerial photograph), altitude (side or front view) of simple fixed objects such as cones, prisms, discolored surface holders, Cylinders, cubes, etc.
  6. Clarify your doubts at the earliest to avoid any confusion later on. Prepare for the study plan to avoid last-minute stress. Focus on more important topics and practice more charts.
  7. Write down all the important terminology, formulas, and theorems and practice them regularly.
  8. Start sketching regularly and try to get the design papers of the previous year to hang them
  9. Solve more sample papers and other MCQ questions from JEE network books. Never stress with many study materials.
  10. Try to add variations in your daily curriculum, such as studies mathematics, drawing, and aptitude-related topics to avoid monotony.
  11. Make revision points/Flash cards on theories, formulas, delineations etc. for each topic.
  12. Solve sufficient sample papers and tests of preceding years to improve speed and accuracy. Try to take up some online mock tests regularly.

    You can prepare a routine that would focus on different chapters from different disciplines on a monthly basis. In this way, students are focused on how much curriculum they have covered and much is not yet completed. You can also join some JEE training centers to clarify any doubts you may have. It is good to prepare under tutors, but there are many who prepare themselves with the help of books and pure devotion.


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