How to Prepare for Class XII and JEE Main 2019 Simultaneously

02 Jul, 2018

How to Prepare for Class XII and JEE Main 2019 Simultaneously – Often the students are class XII fill the JEE forms for the admission to the undergraduate engineering courses. Both the exams are tough ones and are hard to break the shell. One is the board exam whose importance is not unknown to us. On other hand, there is the national level competitive exam which is also hard. So preparing for both the exams is quite stressful and tough also. Either of the one gets affected while preparing any one. If you concentrate more on the class XII, then the competitive exam gets affected and vice versa.

Way to crack both the exam in same year

But there is a way to crack both the exams with good marks. To know how to prepare for class Xii and JEE main 2019 simultaneously, read this article.

    To know how to prepare for class XII and JEE main 2019 simultaneously, let’s have a look at the difference of the two exams:

    Know the pattern of both the exams

    First discuss about the class 12th exam which is the board exam. Hence the paper is fully descriptive. The syllabus is only from the class twelve books. The exam is given by all so, the toughness of the paper is moderate. They give a chance for all students to score at least the pass marks. You can answer the question without the fear of the negative marking. Even if you r answer is wrong no marks will be deducted from it.

    On other hand the JEE main is the competitive exam conducted nation-wide. Students from all over India can participate in this examination. The type of question is objective that is multiple choice questions. The syllabus comprises of total 11 and 12th syllabus. The exam is conducted to remove students and so it is tough one. There is also negative marking against any wrong answers. So there is bit of difference between the two exams.

    Now let us help you to learn some tricks how to prepare for class XII and JEE main 2019 simultaneously.

    Know the syllabus to cover all the topics

    The first thing that one should know in details is the syllabus of both the exams. JEE will be covering both class XI and class XII where as the board exam will cover only the class XII. So take the similar ones and note down the extra ones. Start the learning process according to the syllabus.

    Plan the syllabus and practice mock papers for both

    Create a time table to plan out the syllabus, allot time for ach subjects. Make a time table to practice the class XII pattern and the JEE main patter both. Make a aim of completing the syllabus well before exam like at least 4 months before the exams. So you will the 4 months for practicing the question and answers.

    Revision with dedication

    Another best way to know how to prepare for the class Xii and JEE main 2019, give a regular revise of the class XI syllabus along with the class XII. Constant revision of both will make you expert at both the exams.

    Another important thing for how to prepare for the class XII and JEE main 2019 simultaneously is to dedicate yourself in hard works.


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