How to Access JEE Main Mock Test 2019: A Complete Guide

24 Sep, 2018
How to Access JEE Main Mock Test 2019

JEE main 2019 is the most popular upcoming entrance exam and with a JEE main online Test series for practice will help you prepare well for it. Now many students are torn between the offline acquisition of the JEE Main. While some still prefer to take the exam offline for various reasons, it is also in many ways a great advantage to give the JEE main online. First of all, it takes less time to mark the answers in the online exam than in the pen and paper-based offline check. You can also change your answer if you answered incorrectly the first time. One of the most effective ways to prepare for the JEE main is to take an online free JEE main mock test/sample paper. On the internet, there are a lot of JEE main online Test series.

The mock test has been issued for both paper I and paper II by JEE main 2019. The candidates can even download a copy of the questions of the mock test. In the practice session of the mock test, JEE main aspirants will know the examination design and the method of responding to the questions. The preparation can also be performed by the candidates with the JEE main mock test 2019, as it will enable them to practice what they have studied and to understand the management of time.

    To sign up for the JEE Main Practice Center 2019

    1. Use your Google or Facebook permissions to sign in
    2. After logging in, you enter personal data.
    3. Note: For uploading, a scanned photo of the candidate and a valid photographic ID are required.
    4. First, enter the personal data, upload the photo and photograph ID
    5. Then the candidates must pick the five test centers that are in a drop-down list in the order of choice and book their selection.
    6. Applicants may also use the Search bar provided to request for a center in their city or the nearest city.
    7. There will as well be a choice to check the appointment history of the applicants.
    8. There will be no limit on the number of registrations but then it will be on first come first serve base only.

    Steps to Take up the JEE Main Mock Test 2019

    JEE Main mock test 2019 has been published via online mode by NTA. Candidates will be allowed to take the mock test of JEE 2019 Main by just following the steps listed below:

    • Navigate to official NTA’s website to access JEE Main Mock Test 2019
    • The aspirants will have to pick their choice of exam and equivalent paper.
    • Select the “Start Mock Test” option
    • No authorizations have to be given. Click on “Login” button
    • The common guidelines will be provided to the applicants. After understanding and assenting to the statement, click on” Continue”
    • The question palette will be accessible on the right-hand side of the monitor which also displays the status of every numbered question. Various colors will denote the answer status of every question.

    Button Color

    Status of the color indicator


    The question has not been visited


    Visited but un-attempted


    You have responded the question


    You have NOT responded to the question, but have marked it for review

    Purple with a green circle

    You have responded to the question but marked it for review.

    Important guidelines to be followed while taking up JEE mock test 2019:

    • The applicants will receive 3 hours of time to try all the questions.
    • The clock is set. The countdown device in the upper right corner of the screen will show the time left over for the check.
    • After the given time is finished, the test gets terminated by itself. Candidates are not obligated to terminate or submit their examinations.
    • “Marked for review” is a recap to the aspirants to review the question again.
    • If a question is answered during the actual test and is “marked for verification”, then the answer is considered final.

    How to access the free mock tests available?

    1. First, navigate to any of the free JEE Main Mock Test Series available on the internet.
    2. From the drop-down list of options, you can pick any of the following
    1. the entrance exam you are getting ready for – JEE Main, JEE Advanced
    2. then select any of the permitted JEE Main mock test you would like to take
      1. Section-wise Test
      2. Miniature Test
      3. Complete Test (Full Syllabus)
      4. 11th Revision Test
      5. Partial Test
      6. Previous Year question paper

    If you are facing trouble with the free JEE Main mock test sets, you can select the ‘Practice’ option to solve JEE Main practice questions and develop your feeble sections. Your score will certainly progress in the subsequent free JEE Main mock test.


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