Glimpse of JEE Advanced Preparatory Course

14 Nov, 2018
Glimpse of JEE Advanced Preparatory Course

JEE Advanced is the second level of the joint entrance exam, which is specially designed for admission to IITs and ISM Dhanbad. On the other hand, most IITs also provide foundation courses for applicants from SC / ST / PWD categories. These preparative courses are essentially bridging courses intended to prepare needy candidates for better performance in the UG programs. The list of applicants selected for admission to preparative courses will be published shortly after the announcement of the JEE Advanced Results. All norms and rules for selection to preparatory courses are explained below for the reference of the candidates. As a rule, 30 to 40 candidates are selected from the list of shortlisted candidates in the ranking of the JEE. In addition to the preparation course for SC / ST applicants, physically disabled (PD) candidates can also take part in the preparation program

Every year, IITs provide concessions to a candidate belonging to the “reserved” category. However, to reach the full size of the institutions, the grades are altered once again and students are trained for a year in mathematics, physics, and chemistry before joining the IITs and must crack an internal test. The preparatory candidates are first acquainted with theoretical understanding for a year and may have to take an exam by the end of the year to obtain a degree from the institute.

    The Joint Admissions Commission finally decides on the admission of these students. In this program, you must complete two semesters of courses in math, physics, chemistry, and English and complete the courses successfully. Upon successful completion, the available discipline/industry in the B.Tech / Dual Degree program will be awarded from the vacancies of this year’s quota for SC / ST / PD candidates. During the coaching period, students can take full advantage of the B.Tech / Dual Degree program.

    The vacant seats held in reserve for SC, ST and PWD applicants will be assigned to the candidates of the corresponding categories for admission to a one-year preparatory course based on relaxed admission norms.

    Admission to the aspirants takes place if:

    1. The places earmarked for each category are free,
    2. Candidates have not previously accepted a place in the preparation course.

    All IITs offer one-year preparation programs for reserved category candidates to prepare them to continue the academic program to which they were assigned. At the end of this course, based on the marks secured by the, they will be declared pass or fail. Following efficacious completion of the course, applicants will be provided with direct admission to the previously allocated undergraduate course next year.

    Important Guidelines

    • The admission decision for the preparatory course lies with the Joint Admission Committee (JAB).
    • The IIT preparatory course includes two-semester programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English. Afterward, the candidates are assessed.
    • Applicants who have effectively passed the test can then be added to the SC / ST vacancy list for the year.
    • All candidates enrolled in this program are entitled to receive all concessions that correspond to regular applicants during admission to Engineering Courses
    • The grades earned in each subject will be forwarded to the Examining Division at the end of each semester to prepare for the result.
    • The names of students whose behavior violates the terms and conditions of participation, the use of unfair means will exclude other irregularities under the ISMU rules from the University list.
    • For the communication of the examination results to the applicants, a corresponding shall be compiled.
    • The scores obtained in all theoretical subjects and practical topics are summarized at the end of the two-semester preparatory phase Course.
    • The decision of “passed” or “failed” at the end of the course is determined on the basis of the minimum qualification scores that are accumulated in each subject
    • A student must clear all subjects by receiving a minimum of 35% of the grades in every subject at the end of the preparative course.
    • A candidate who meritoriously completes the Preparatory program will be assigned to the regular 1st semester B. Tech or 5 Year- Dual Degree or Integrated programs of the following Academic Session.

    This is all about JEE Advanced Preparatory Course. We hope all your queries regarding the same must have ended now. Post further questions in the comment box below.


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