GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019

21 Aug, 2018

GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019 will be based on the text books of 11th & 12th standard mainly and the subjects that the examinees need to prepare would be Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The exam of GITAM GAT will take place somewhere between 3rd to 4th week of April 2019.  All the aspirants are advised to make their preparation plan according to the syllabus of GITAM GAT 2019. The key to success in GITAM GAT 2019 would be the right study plan with the proper GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019 at your disposal.  The official syllabus is yet to be announced by the apex body, but the syllabus mentioned below in this article is designed with the help of academic experts. Going through the below described GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019 will surely assist the students to have an insight into the exam. Apart from the syllabus, the exam pattern and best books for the preparation of GITAM GAT 2019 are also mentioned.

GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019 (Subject-wise)

The subject-wise segregation of the syllabus in the below table will definitely aid students in understanding the topics they need to cover to crack GITAM GAT 2019:


    The mathematics would include the following topics:

    Name of the Topics

    Sets, Relations And Functions

    Mathematical Induction

    Mathematical Reasoning

    Quadratic Equations & Theory Of Equations

    Theory of Equations

    Binomial Theorem And Its Simple Applications

    Sequences And Series

    Permutations & Combinations

    Matrices And Determinants

    Vector Algebra

    Three Dimensional Geometry


    Properties Of Triangles

    Complex Numbers

    Limits, Continuity And Differentiability (LCD)

    Applications Of Derivatives

    Indefinite Integration

    Applications Of Integrals

    Co-Ordinate Geometry

    Straight Lines


    Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola & Polar Co-Ordinates

    Probabilities, Random Variables & Distributions Statistics



    In order to attain great scores in chemistry section, the students need to read the following topics:

    Name of the Topics

    Atomic Structure

    Nuclear Chemistry

    Chemical Bonding

    Classification Of Elements And Periodicity Of Properties

    Hydrogen And Its Compounds

    Alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals

    States Of Matter: Gases And Liquids

    Chemical Thermodynamics


    Ionic Equilibrium

    Chemical Equilibrium

    Solid State

    Surface Chemistry

    Chemical Kinetics

    Electro Chemistry

    Group 13 Elements

    Group 14 Elements

    Group 18 Elemtns (ZERO Group Elements)

    Group 15 Elements (V A Group Elements)

    Group 16 Elements (VI Group Elements)

    Group 17 Elements (VII A Group Elements)

    Transition Elements


    Coordination Compounds

    General Principles Of Metalurgy

    Principles Of Qualitative Analysis

    Organic Chemistry


    Aromatic Hydrocarbons



    Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers

    Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxyllic Acids

    Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

    Practical Organic Chemistry



    Chemistry In Everyday Life

    Environmental Chemistry



    In the physics section, the candidates need to answer the questions from the following topics:

    Name of the Topics

    Units And Dimensions

    Elements Of Vectors



    Centre Of Mass


    Rotatory Motion



    Surface Tension

    Fluid Mechanics

    Thermal Properties Of Matter


    Kinetic Theory Of Gases

    Simple Harmonic Motion

    Wave Motion


    Ray Optics And Optical Instruments

    Wave Optics

    Electrostatics And Capacitors

    Current Electricity

    Cr Circuits (DC Only)



    Electromagnetic Induction And Ac Circuits

    Dualnature Of Matter And Radiation

    Atoms And Nuclei

    Semi-Conductor Devices And Communication Systems

    GITAM GAT Exam Pattern 2019

    After going through the GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019, knowing about the exam pattern will also help students to prepare accordingly to inch towards success. Let’s have a glimpse of the exam pattern with information furnished underneath:

    • Mode of Exam- The exam will follow the online Computer-based test (CBT) method.
    • Exam Duration- The candidates will get 2 hours to solve the question paper.
    • Type of Questions- All the questions will be objective type with 4 options out of which the candidates need to mark the correct answer as per their knowledge.
    • Marking Scheme- each correct answer will gain 4 marks for the examinees.
    • Negative Marking- Yes, 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.
    • Marking for Un-attempted Questions- No marks will be deducted for the same.
    • Major Subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics will be the major subjects in different sections of the paper.

    Subject-wise Sectional Distribution of Marks



    Maximum Questions

    Maximum Marks






    Mathematics/ Biology











    Best Books for Preparation of GITAM GAT 2019

    After knowing the GITAM GAT Syllabus 2019 & exam pattern, this section will discourse about the best books apart from the text books of 11th & 12th standard to guide the students with proper study plan. Below list includes the names of the best books available in the market for GITAM GAT 2019 preparation:

    • NCERT XIth & XIIth Standard Books
    • Advance Level Physics by M Nelkon and P Parker
    • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
    • Organic Chemistry by TW Graham Solomons & Craig Fryhle
    • Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur
    • Problems in Calculus by IA Maron
    • Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma
    • Elements of Coordinate Geometry & Trigonometry by SL Loney

    This is all about the GITAM GAT syllabus 2019 and other relevant aspects. Stay tuned to this page to catch all the updates from the apex body.


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