GATE Exam Pattern 2019

04 Sep, 2018

GATE Exam Pattern 2019- IIT Madras is the apex body that will conduct the national level exam of GATE 2019. The applicants who are interested to build their career in engineering can apply for this aptitude test. They need to first check the eligibility criteria of GATE 2019 and then make sure that they fulfil all the conditions set by the authorities. After that, they can visit the web portal of GOAPS and apply for this test online along with the submission of application fee. The strenuous efforts should be made by the candidates to prepare for this exam. For this, they need to first apprehend about the GATE exam pattern 2019 and syllabus of GATE 2019. The authorities are responsible for declaring the GATE Exam Pattern 2019 also. GATE 2019 exam will be held on 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th February 2019. There will be a total of 24 papers in GATE exam 2019. The time duration for the exam will be 3 hours and the types of questions will be numerical as well as objective type. The exam will be of total 100 marks. In every paper of GATE 2019, there will be questions based on General Aptitude and the applicants are supposed to attempt all of them. There will be subject related questions that depend upon the paper choice of the candidates.

GATE exam pattern 2019 should be known to all the candidates who wish to appear in GATE 2019 exam with an aim to qualify the same. In this article, the applicants will learn about the complete GATE Exam Pattern 2019, some important facts and instructions related to the exam, both tabular and detailed information about the GATE exam pattern 2019 and other significant information related to the GATE Exam Pattern 2019.

GATE Exam Pattern 2019 (Tabular View)

Feature Description
Time Duration for GATE 2019 Exam 3 hours or 180 minutes
Total Number of Questions 65
Total Marks 100
Type of Question There will be two types of questions in the exam paper:

  • Objective type or MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • NAT or Numerical Answer Type
Name of the Sections GATE exam paper 2019 will contain total three sections:

  • General Aptitude
  • Engineering Mathematics (Chemistry for XL papers)
  • Subject related section
Section for General Aptitude The exam paper will contain the compulsory section of GA or General Aptitude where there will be a total of ten questions. One mark will be allotted for five of them and for other five, two marks will be given. Hence, this section will be of total 15 marks.
Marking Scheme
  • In case of MCQs with one mark, the negative marking for an incorrect answer will be 1/3.
  • In the case of MCQs with two marks, the negative marking for every incorrect answer will be 2/3.
  • Zero marks will be given for every unattempted question
  • There will not be any deduction or negative marking in case of NAT or Numerical Answer Type questions

GATE Exam Pattern 2019 (Highlights)

    Types of Questions

    There will be two categories of the question type that will be asked in GATE 2019 exam. One will be NAT and other will be MCQ:

    • Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs: These are basically the objective type questions where there will be four alternatives and the candidates need to select the correct one.
    • Numerical Answer Type or NAT: the answers to such types of questions contain a numerical value, that could be a real number, integer 1, 3, 8 etc or it could also be the decimal number like 7.2 etc. There will not be any alternative or options given for such types of questions.

    Marking Scheme

    The marking scheme is mentioned above in detail. Some other additional information is given below:

    • GATE papers that contain the codes of AE, XE, AG, TF, BT, PE, CE, MT, CH, MN, CS, ME, EC, IN, EE and PI will consist of the mandatory section that is Engineering mathematics, it will be 15% of the total marks and also the General Aptitude which will be 15% of the total marks. The remaining 70% part of the exam paper will depend upon the subject chosen by the applicant.
    • GATE papers that contain the codes of AR, ST, CY, PH, EY, MA GG and XL will have a mandatory section of General Aptitude and it will be 15% of total marks and the rest 85% will be subject specific.

    GATE Exam Pattern 2019 (Paper wise details)

    GATE Papers 2019 (Excluding GG, XL, XE)

    • The questions in the exam paper for GATE 2019 will be NAT or numerical answer type and MCQ or multiple choice questions.
    • The exam paper will contain 25 questions each of one mark and 30 questions each of two marks.

    Geology and Geophysics or GG

    In the paper of GG or Geology and Geophysics, one part will contain the questions of General Aptitude and the other one will be sectioned into 2 parts and that will be Part A and Part B.

    • Part A should necessarily be attempted by all the applicants.
    • Part B has 2 sections namely Geology and Geophysics.
    • The candidates need to choose the section that they wish to attempt.
    • Part A will contain 25 questions that will be of one mark each. There will also be NAT or Numerical answer type questions in this part.
    • There will be 30 questions in Part B which will contain Section I and II and each one will be of 2 marks. In both, the sections, the NAT or Numerical answer type questions will be there.

    Engineering Sciences or XE

    • The exam paper will contain one mandatory section and that will be Engineering Mathematics
    • GA or General aptitude that will consist of 15 marks should also be attempted.
    • Section A will contain 11 questions with total marks of 15. There will be some questions of numerical answer type in this section.
    • The applicants can choose any of the sections right from the B to H.
    • There will be total 22 questions in the sections from B to H and the total marks for each one will be 35.

    GATE Engineering Sciences Paper Pattern 2019

    Section Type of Question Number of Question Sub-total Marks
    Section A (Mandatory) One Mark Question 7 7
    Two Marks Question 4 8

    Section B to H



    One Mark Question 9 9
    Two Marks Question 13 26

    Life Sciences or XL

    • For this exam paper, the mandatory section will be Chemistry that is in Section P. It will contain 15 questions and the total marks will be 25. NAT or Numerical answer type questions will also be there in this section.
    • The applicants also need to attempt the section of GA or General Aptitude which will be of 15 marks.
    • Other than Chemistry, the applicants need to choose one more section or part from Q to U. There will be 20 questions in each section and the total marks will be 30.

    GATE Life Sciences Paper Pattern 2019

    Section Type of Questions Number of Questions Sub-Total Marks
    Chemistry Section (Section P) (Mandatory) One mark questions 5 5
    Two mark questions 10 20
    Sections Q to U One mark questions 10 10
    Two mark questions 10 20

    GATE Exam Pattern 2019: Layout or Pattern of Questions

    All the aspirants for GATE 2019 exam should be aware of the layout of the questions and also the objective of asking such questions in the paper. GATE exam pattern 2019 will be set by the authorities in the manner to evaluate the below-given skills of the candidates:

    • Recall: As the questions in the paper will be pertaining to the facts, principles, laws or formula, the power of the applicants to remember the things will be checked. This can also be called the computation skills of the candidates which will be evaluated through this exam.
    • Comprehension: The section tests the general understanding of the applicants in their relevant field or stream. They are supposed to land on simple conclusions from the basic ideas.
    • Application: In this category, the applicants need to exhibit the skills of logical reasoning and computation.
    • Analysis and Synthesis: The questions like images, data and diagrams will be aimed to check the analytical skills of the applicants. They need to analyze the information and answer the questions.

    How to Answer GATE exam Questions?

    GATE exam 2019 will be held in online mode. The candidates need to get ready for answering all the questions online. For answering the questions, the screen will display the palette of questions where the status of every question will be exhibited. For instance, it will show how many questions you have not visited, how many questions you have answered, how many you have not answered and how many you have selected for review.

    There will be a clock at the top on the right side of the computer screen and the applicants should keep their eyes on it. This will intimate the applicants about how much time is left to finish the paper. When the timer will show zero, the screen will automatically get closed and the paper will be ended there.

     Exploring the Questions

    • The applicants need to tap on the question paper which is there on the palette if they wish to go to the particular question.
    • The applicants can see all set of questions together if they tap on the question paper tab. But the alternatives will not be there in case of MCQs or multiple choice questions.

    Answering the Questions

    • In order to solve the multiple choice questions, the applicants need to tap on the tab of the selected option. To de-select it, they need to click on the tab once again or they can simply click on the button of Clear Response. To change the option, the applicants need to select the other option.
    • In case of NAT or numerical answer type questions, the applicants need to mention the answer with the use of the virtual keyboard. If the decimal is there in the answer, the candidates can mention it with 0 before the part of the decimal.

    Saving the Answers

    • To save the answer, the applicants need to tap on the button of Save and Next. In case the candidates want to do the review, they can click on the button of Mark for Review and Next.
    • Once the time is completed, the questions that will be attempted by the candidates will be submitted online.

    Important Points to remember about GATE Exam Pattern 2019

    The candidates are supposed to follow certain instructions related to GATE exam 2019 and the GATE exam pattern 2019. Let’s have a look:

    • GATE exam 2019 will be held in online or CBT mode which is the computer-based test.
    • The time duration for the GATE 2019 examination will be three hours.
    • GATE exam paper will contain two types of questions and they are Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs and Numerical Answer Type questions or NAT.
    • In case of MCQs, the applicants need to choose the right answer from the given options and in case of NAT or Numerical Answer Type questions, the applicants are supposed to use the virtual keyboard to answer the question.
    • There will also be the section of GA or General Aptitude in GATE 2019 exam paper other than the subject related questions.
    • To do rough work for calculation or other purposes, a scribble pad will be given to the applicants.
    • The devices like calculators, mobile phones etc will not be permitted inside the test centre.
    • The candidates can make use of the virtual calculator that will be available on the computer system.

    This is all about GATE exam pattern 2019. Those who are in doubt can simply connect with us.


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