DASA Cutoff 2020

27 Sep, 2019

DASA Cutoff 2020– DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) is a conceptualized scheme scheduled by MHRD of Indian Government to provide NRIs, PIOs, OCIs and foreign nationals with the opportunity to study in one of the reputed and renowned institutes within India. Those Students who get selected through DASA are given the chance to study in IITs, IIETs, SPAs, and other Premier Technical Institutes. DASA considers JEE Main and GRE/GMAT test marks along with the preference of the candidate to allot them with institutes across India. There are around 45 institutes under DASA UG courses. Since there are limited seats in these institutes, let us know about the details of DASA Cutoff 2020 that can provide us with the opportunity to gain knowledge from one of these institutes. The government of India, under DASA, would next selection procedure of candidates for its top-level institutes starting from 2 April 2020 with the availability of application form. Every year DASA reveals its Cutoff score at the end of the allotment rounds. DASA consists of 4 rounds. The DASA Cutoff 2020 marks are more likely to be high as the Cutoff marks increase with each year, therefore all the candidates are advised to learn and study hard to get good marks in JEE Main and GRE/GMAT subject tests.

Latest Update: From the year 2020 onwards, DASA admission would be based on JEE Main score.

DASA Important Dates 2020

    The following are the important dates related to JEE Main that one should remember:

    JEE Main Events Dates
    JEE Main 2020 Exam January & April 2020
    JEE Main answer key and OMR sheets release January & April 2020
    JEE Main Result 2020 declaration date 31 January & 20 April 2020

    Now, let know all the important GRE/GMAT 2019 dates:

    EXAM Date Normal Deadline Late Registration
    1st week of Oct 2019 4th week of Aug 2019 4th week of Sept 2019
    1st week of Nov 2019 4th week of Sept 2019 4th week of Sept 2019
    1st week of Feb 2020 4th week of Dec 2019 4th week of Dec 2019

    Factors that determine DASA Cutoff 2020

    The DASA 2019 period had moderate Cutoff in comparison with the last year. Below are factors for determine Cutoff and can be considered to predict DASA Cutoff 2020

    • The more the difficulty level of the DASA the higher would be its Cutoff
    • If the number of candidates appearing would be high then the Cutoff percentage would also rise in order to get the best candidates to get selected?
    • Qualified candidates- if the number o
    • qualified candidates would be less, then the Cutoff would become low. on the other hand, if DASA gets a high number of qualified candidates than it would lead to the rise of the Cutoff
    • Number of seats- The number of seats have an inverse relationship with Cutoff, i.e., if the number of seats is less than the Cutoff would be high, whereas if the seats are more than the Cutoff would be quite less.
    • Ranking of Institute- The higher an institute would be in the ranking chart the more would be its Cutoff percentage.
    • DASA 2017 Cutoff 1st Round

    The following are the few of the year 2017 DASA Cutoff marks of DASA and its particular institutes:

    Institute and Branch CIWG Non-CIWG
    DTU, Delhi 1910 1820
    Biotechnology 2160 2180
    Civil 1970 1840
    Computer Engineering (CE) 2390 2370
    ECE 2370 2290
    EE 2080 1820
    Engg. Physics 1910
    Environment Engg. 1950 1950
    IT 2340 2330
    Mathematics & Computing 2400 2320
    Mech Engg With Spec.In Automotive Engg. 2400 2070
    Mechanical Engg. 2240 2360
    Production & Industrial Engg 1920 2200
    Software Engg 2260 2350
    IIT Delhi 2230 2220
    Computer Science and Applied Mathematics 2350 2340
    Computer Science and Design 2400
    CSE 2400 2380
    ECE 2230 2220
    Information Technology and Social Sciences 2370


    The DASA Cutoff 2020 is a very important factor that decides whether you would get admission order DASA scheme or not. Therefore study hard and get great test scores in JEE Main Or GRE/GMAT for getting admission in good and reputed institutes for doing UG or PG courses respectively. Remember if you get good marks in JEE Main or GRE/GMAT than only you would be able to get admission in great colleges. Study hard, perform better and secure your future.


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