Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list as per Changes by NTA

12 Sep, 2018
Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list as per Changes by NTA

Amongst the well-known facts about JEE Main 2019 is that it is a computer-aided test that takes place twice a year. New information is that the actual grades scored by the students are not used for the ranking. Instead, a new normalization process – using percentile values ​​- will form the basis for the merit list, which will be declared on April 30, 2019. So here is a quick Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list process which the candidates must be aware of.

Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list: Process of Normalization

As per the NTA, every candidate who appears for the exam will get a dissimilar set of questions. This means that a candidate can get a tough paper or a modest one. It is hence indispensable that some equivalency is ensured when calculating the scores. This is where normalization comes into play. Normalization is the practice of altering the raw values ​​into percentile values ​​using a given method.

    To guarantee that no candidate is deprived or benefitted from, the normalization of the scores accomplished in JEE Main 2019 is imposed for ranking purposes. NTA will rate students based on their percentile scores, which are calculated according to a given formula.

    100* No. of candidates taking up exam in a session with raw score equal to or less than the candidate 

    Total no. of candidates appeared in the particular session

    Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list: The percentile score

    The percentages are obtained by converting the raw marks into a scale of 100 to 0 for each test session. The percentile value is the standardized score for the exam and is used to generate merit lists. Percentages are based on the comparative performance of all candidates appearing for the exam. It is obtained after the ratings have been converted to a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each examination session. Percentile Score shows the percentage of candidates who have reached or fallen below a certain percentile in an exam. It is the normalized score and not the raw score. After normalization, each session’s topper receives the same percentile of 100, which is desirable. Also, the scores between the lowest and highest scores are also converted to the corresponding percentiles.

    Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list: Merit list

    The ranking for JEE Main 2019 will be announced after both January and April trials have been considered for candidates who have passed both exams.

    • First try collation of NTA scores
    • Second try collation of NTA Scores

    In the circumstance of aspirants who have appeared for both the attempts, the finer of the two NTA points will be used. Here the total NTA value is used for the ranking and not for the subjects. In the case of aspirants who have only performed in only one exam, the four NTA points of this exam will be used to produce the merit list. Merit lists are created rendering to the above specified marks only.

    Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list: Resolving a tie

    • Applicants who secure higher marks in JEE exams will be graded higher.
      1. Aspirants with a higher percentile in mathematics get a higher rank.
      2. Aspirants who obtain a higher percentile value in physics receive a higher rank.
      3. Aspirants who receive a higher percentile value in chemistry receive a higher rank.
    • Candidates who are older are given a higher rank
    • If the tie is still unsettled, the aspirants will be allocated the same rank

    Clarification on JEE Main 2019 Merit list: Changes for the year

    • The age constraint has been removed. But only candidates who have cleared their class XII in the years 2017 or 2018 or in 2019 may register for the exam.
    • The NTA has set up more than 2000+ test preparation centers where candidates can prepare for JEE Main for free. Registrations have been acknowledged for these preliminary sessions.
    • An overall of 1.5 lakh joint facility centers have been set up across the nation to support candidates complete the JEE main application form, download the admit card, verify the result and more. The amenities are delivered for an insignificant fee.
    • Percentile Score in a board or JEE (Main) specifies how many applicants have scored less than you in the JEE Main.
    • If you are seeking to take up the improvement exam to increase the scores, you must appear in all five subjects for improvement.

    This is all about the different changes in JEE Main 2019 Merit List normalization under the flagship of National Testing Agency.


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