Best Online Coaching Options for JEE Main 2019 Preparation

03 Oct, 2018
Best Online Coaching Options for JEE Main 2019 Preparation

Online tutorials Help in saving time and money and the efforts you do to place to find the best coaching. Preparing for IIT JEE is often seen as a standard part of the student life. Both the learning of work and the attainment of knowledge should not be ignored. The online atmosphere is regularly changing and signifies a great prospect for learning. It is very vital to determine how to learn with all accessible online tutorial channels and to pick the one that best fits the style of a candidate to sieve the required information.

Essentially the candidates must choose the tutorials to cover up the theories very well and, beyond all, when they are complete with their fundamentals, they can directly practice problems from it. They should have a surplus amount questions that nearly never ends. These questions are also new and stimulating. The scrutiny should also be thorough and very supportive. The tutorials must-have features for the candidates to ask and get their doubts cleared as well. A good online tutorial must have the following features:

  • The faculties here must be very knowledgeable with demonstrated results.
  • It should cover the complete curriculum comprising of the mock test series as well.
  • It should guarantee that the video does not go beyond 30 minutes. This is the extreme amount of time until which you concentration remains undisturbed.
  • It must make sure that videos cover the whole concept, trailed by questions.
  • It uses animation to understand complicated questions and theory.

    Video lectures are the best source of preparation for IIT-JEE exams for:

    1) Self-motivated, self-disciplined and brilliant students who want to prepare for a competition test without wasting time.

    2) Candidates who are already studying in any coaching class, but feel lack of confidence in some topics for some reason.

    3) Aspirants of the 9th and 10th class who want to start early for IIT-JEE & AIIMS.

    4) Students who are confronted with financial, family or health problems in order to migrate from their hometown to the coaching class.

    As per topper students, the following are considered to be the best video lectures that the aspirants can follow for their preparation:

    1. Videos from the MHRD are the best cause they are made by IIT professors from IIT Kanpur, Delhi, and Mumbai. They are also absolutely free. HC Verma has also taught in MHRD. You can either subscribe to your channel on your set-top box. There are a total of 32 channels. You can choose according to your choice or the app Swayam Prabha can be downloaded from the Play store.
    2. M-Learning has 1000 + video lectures. And the teachers even explained a minor topic in details. Along with the theory, abundant MCQs are solved on the same subject for a better understanding. M-Learning video LEC. Covers the entire theoretical and application-oriented concept, complemented by a multitude of numerical problems as well as the discussion about their solution. It contains study material that covers a sufficient number of numerical problems and objectives for the practical purpose.
    3. Very good videos to shape your fundamentals then the candidates can go with Mohit Tyagi YouTube channel as well. There are around 1300 videos to practice with along with tips for JEE Main 2019 preparation as well.
    4. Mathongo offers the free customary education and resources for JEE main 2019 preparation. They can be found in YouTube since they offer a comprehensive crash course for JEE Main, which is reliable and adequate to clear all other entrance tests, and which has been appropriately divided into a 42-day program.
    5. IIT JEE Lectures – You will find complete guidelines for the IIT-JEE preparation on this portal. Here you can study physics, Chemistry, and mathematics over high-quality video demonstrations. Get encouraged by motivational discussions. Stay on the actual track with valuable tips and approaches during your JEE preparation. All videos are totally free and no registration is essential.

    6. IIT JEE Master – There are around 700 + hours of HD Video discourses for IIT JEE. All theories and the illustration from the fundamentals to advanced levels are available in this site. Preceding years question paper AIEEE, JEE and NCERT keys are also accessible. Video demos for IIT JEE Math, physics and chemistry via any mode can be accessed. This site also allows the candidates to download the videos for later viewing as well.

    The online JEE coaching to crack the JEE main 2019 test is just outstanding because it covers only the essential rudiments necessary to give you the vital shape of a topper. The demonstration of the concepts in relation to obvious teaching not only saves the time of aspirants but also makes them stay concentrated. With the abundant availability of the enormous JEE Mock practice papers sets of the JEE online preparation websites, there is also a big space for a thorough and intellectual solution after each theory. In a perfect and remarkable time frame, you can easily solve the mock tests.


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