IIT Roorkee decides to readmit expelled students

IIT Roorkee has come to the decision to grant conditional readmission to all 71 students who were expelled via the premier institute for the reason of underperformance the previous month. The decision to grant readmission to those students who were expelled with certain stringent pre-conditions was taken last night via the institutes senate claimed the Dean of Students Welfare D K Nauriyal.

“Taking a lenient view, the senate after considering all aspects of the situation especially the future of the students took the decision,” the Dean said.

The students have to follow stringent conditions

The conditions that were put forward via the Senate includes starting afresh from the first semester, scoring atleast 5 Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) or more in both first and second semester exams, not failing in any of the subjects and a minimum of 75% attendance in all subjects Nauriyal added.

The students are finally relieved after nearly a month after their expulsion from the institute during which a few of them had reached out to the Uttarakhand High Court for a reprieve but to no avail.

Initially, 73 students were expelled by the institute for scoring less than five CGPA in their first and second semester B Tech exams, making it the first IIT in the country to resort to expulsions on such a wide scale.

However, two of them were taken back after some discrepancies were detected in their expulsion, bringing down the number of expelled students to 71, Nauriyal said.

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