GATE 2016 Awareness Programme named Lakshya-GATE

An initiative by GATE Academy for guiding thousands of Engineers about GATE and its importance entrance exam which is a most & crucial exam for Engineers.

GATE 2016 stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, which is conducted as an entry level examination for master course; the exam is bit difficult and students so some basic mistakes; looking at the need for helping students & channelizing their  efforts in right direction GATE Academy has started “GATE Awareness Programme”. It is Lakshya-GATE; where candidate would be guided how to study, which method to adopt, preparation and expert advice for cracking exam. Mr. Nitin Rakesh Prasad who is the founder of GATE Academy; has added while saying about the initiative taken, “Lakshya-GATE as the name denotes is meant to equip students to be well prepared for their aim of cracking one of the most crucial exams of their career, i.e. GATE.

The initiative will familiarize the students with some of the most commonly made errors while preparing and writing the competitive exam. It will enable interactive sessions with the students to help them gain knowledge and clarify their doubts regarding the GATE exam”. The main aim of the initiative is to guide all the aspirants and help them achieving their goals.

Till now 64,000 aspirants have successfully registered themselves for this initiative, also a very modern technology is adopted to gain attraction of masses. Academy has created its channel on Youtube which had impact on nearly 110,571 visitors last year. GATE Academy has an excellent way of imparting; an expertise teaching faculty, online video lecturing & online test conducting etc.

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