Engineering students in Chennai rank low in Spoken English


The Engineering students from Chennai and Hyderabad require the maximum improvement in spoken English among a sample setoff 30,000 graduates who were surveyed panning six metro cities inclusive of Delhi, Mumbai-Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore as per a study. Comparatively those students who belong to New-Delhi, Mumbai-Pune region and Bangalore were much better with spoken English skills.

This grading of the students were done on the basis on the SVAR which is a spoken English assessment tool that is used via numerous industries in the country prior to the hiring of employees. This automated test assesses a candidate on various parameters inclusive of but not restricted to fluency, active listening, vocabulary, grammar, spoken English comprehension and pronunciation.

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Colleges need to prioritize English Communication skills along with technical knowledge.

The SVAR scores are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference also known as the CEFR which is the international standard for the measurement of Spoken English skills. In accordance to the report the C2 grading is the highest level of spoken English skills whereas the A1 grading is the lowest level of spoken English skills.

Panning the metro cities , Chennai and Hyderabad had the lowest percentage of engineers in the highest CEFR level 0.2% and 0.9% respectively. These two cities also have the highest number of engineers in the lowest scale of A1-34.3% and 25.6%. A member of the study team stated that the lower levels of spoken English in Chennai and Hyderabad was due to local words that are mixed up with English or thinking in the local language and making the translation as it is into English.

This study was conducted by Aspiring Minds which is an employability evaluation and certification company in which they analyzed the spoken English skills of the engineering grads panning 500 colleges in the country and came up to the conclusion that barely 7% of Engineers can speak English with perfect fluency and coherency.

It was also found that the location of the colleges also had a major influence on the quality of spoken English of the candidates. The spoken English of the candidates who belong from campuses in lower tier cities is comparatively poorer on  an average as per findings. Further degradation of spoken English skills were noticed from tier one to tier 3 campuses.

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