Deadline Extended: For Special round Admission of NIT seats

On August 7th, deadline for special admission round seats allocation was extended from 11th to 17th August by CSAB. It was all to give a fair chance to meritorious and capable students.

The Central Seat Allocation Board, who is responsible for looking after allocation of seats, has seen that still the seats for both popular & non-popular course are left vacant. Therefore 11th august was given a due date for admitting students on special admission round and now it is extended till 17th August. This was actually in favor of giving chance to meritorious students and one who are without any seats to fill up vacant seats in IITs, NITs and other GFTI’s (Government-Funded Technical Institutes).


As per the source available there are 5500 seats still vacant and majority are by NIT’s (3,100). Prior the extension of date, the statement was; “only those students would be granted admission who are not at all allotted seats.’ But after extension everyone is allowed to apply (only those who have JEE Mains Score with them) which is again opposed by many parents saying, “It’s unfair to the others”. It is for first time that such situation has arrived where many seats are vacant for popular courses like computer science and engineering, electrical, civil and mechanicals; for unpopular courses most seats are vacant.

There were many applicants who were waiting for special round for admission, nearly within that 3 days there were more than 3000 applicant ready. The reason behind this was simple; students who have scored well had blocked their seats in small colleges and then they vacant it as they got the college of their desire.

Source: TOI



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