Computer Science and Engineering Course in India

Computer Science and Engineering Course


Computer Science and Engineering Course – The simplest way to understand the Computer Science & Engineering is (Computer + Science + Engineering). Today the entire world is speeding up towards the modernization and computerization in our whole professional, social, defense, occupational and many other activities. Computer is now an necessary part of our needs and life. Computer Science & Engineering is one of the most famous field of engineering and is the scientific and practical approach to its application.

“Computer Science & Engineering consists of the understanding and design of computational process and computer.”

Computer Science and Engineering Course Duration

In Computer Science & Engineering the student would go through the programming languages, operating systems, algorithms, database management systems, computer network, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

You can choose the Computer Science & Engineering, once you have finished your 10th or 10+2 examination.

The academic criterion of Computer Science & Engineering is separated into three courses/programs as follows:

  1. Diploma coursesleading to the polytechnic diploma of 3 years
  2. UG coursesleading to the Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree of 4 years duration.
  3. PG coursesleading to the Tech (Master of Technology) degree of 2 years duration.

After completing 10th standard, you would only be eligible to enter the diploma courses.

Once you have completed the 12th standard you are fully eligible to select the UG (B.Tech) program.

In order to enter in Computer Science & Engineering, either in diploma or UG, science and mathematics are obligatory and need to be in qualifying examination.

For entering in PG (M.Tech) program, B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering is mandatory.

Jobs & Career in Computer Science and Engineering Field

After finishing your degree in Computer Science & Engineering, you can work in the field of embedded systems, IT, database management, telecommunication, multimedia, computer software and hardware implementation, computer hardware & software maintenance, web designing, gaming and other connected industries.

It is a large field to work in government and private sector as well.

Salary Range in Computer Science and Engineering Field

IT sector is the highest salary provider field. A fresher can get the starting initial package of 2 lakh per annum to3 lakh per annum in India, whereas abroad, he can get the salary in six figures.

After getting a minimum of 2 years experience you can get the salary double of it.

There is no restriction of salary for the brilliant or an knowledgeable candidate.


Computer Science & Engineering has a expanded field in order to the specialization.

  • Computer architecture and organization
  • Database systems
  • Electronics
  • Operating systems
  • Networking
  • Foundations of Computer Systems
  • Java Programming and Website Design
  • E-Commerce & ERP and Multimedia Applications
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