Common Exams and Result dates for all boards

09 Nov, 2015

All the education boards in the country that are under the ministry of the Human resource development are trying to find ways to introduce common practices inclusive of exam schedules and the declaration of results.

With most of the students currently competing in national level examinations four committees will be working towards creating a level playing field for all the students. The committees will be looking into a common core syllabus, question paper patterns, teacher training and exam schedules and the tacking of unfair means. The boards have also decided to declare the results by the 31st of May so that no student will lose out on a chance for admission into national institutes.


The Ministry officials have also met the members of the council of boards of School education which is a body of more than 55 education boards on the 28th of October. The committee does consist of chairmen of the various boards and as well as members of the National Council of Educational Research and training. They will meet and submit their reports prior to the 31st of December.

YSK Sheshu Kumar who is the joint secretary MHRD and in charge chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education stated that “We could look into ways to have a common curriculum across boards so that all students are on common ground when they compete in national-level tests.”

The committee will also be exploring various ways to develop common subject codes and roll number patterns.

One committee will be working out various ways for common question paper patterns across boards. A common question paper pattern will ensure equal weightage is given to various components in exams to avoid inflation of marks. Currently, some boards follow a common question paper design for maths and science. The committee on teacher training will look at best ways for capacity building.Gangadhar Mahamane who is the chairperson of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education stated that. “There is a need to exchange information on what can be done to tackle unfair means during exams.”

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