COMEDK UGET 2018 Syllabus

16 May, 2017

In this article, you will get some really helpful COMEDK UGET 2018 Syllabus – Preparation Tips such as recommended books for COMEDK UGET Exam, Quick Tips and other latest updates related to this exam. The Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka commonly known as the COMEDK Bangalore conducts the All India Undergraduate Entrance Test popularly known as the UGET for the purpose of shortlisting students for the admission into the undergraduate medical, dental and engineering courses.

The whole process of appearing for an entrance examination can put any person into heaps of stress but handling the exam stress efficiently is one of the major secrets of success. Before planning your preparation for any examination it’s imperative to know the paper pattern and syllabus just so that you are aware of what you are dealing with.The COMEDK UGET Exam is based on the syllabus of 10+2 or 2nd PUC. The English Language paper is of the 10+2 standard and tests the candidates on the basis of comprehension of the language, structure of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences.

We will be providing you with a few tips to help you during your preparation as well as the examination.

Preparation Tips for COMEDK UGET 2018

  • Have a study schedule and keep tracking your schedule. Study timetables aid in the reduction of anxiety and thus helps you focus on the scheduled topic.
  • Make a list of all the topics you are weak in and allow more time to focus on them.
  • Write down the difficult topics as it aids in memorization.
  • Begin reading the difficult topics and complex formulas. Make a note of them and practice more also make separate notes of formulae from all the subjects.
  • Practice drawing diagrams and labeling them.
  • Make sure to join a coaching class as it helps in quick learning and provide you with guidance on the right direction for the topics to be covered, time spent on each topic, how to prepare notes and also said in the judgment of questions.
  • Practice previous year questions booklets and more and more sample papers Try to have 3-4 revisions before you appear for the exam. This boosts your confidence level.
  •  It is not possible to cover the complete syllabus in one book and students should refer as many books as possible.
  •  Try to solve previous COMEDK exam questions papers. This will help you to judge the topics to be covered and develop an ability to judge the difficulty level of question.
  • Speed is an important factor to get good rank in KCET exam. Solving the previous papers will help you to improve your speed. Do not divert your attention when solving paper. Concentration is very important to mark answers right.
  •  You should stop working on new topics few days before the exam.
  • The preparation for COMEDK UGET 2015 should be well planned. The focus should be on the weight age and sections for better time contribution.
  • Practice on the difficult areas and complex formulae and clear your doubts from your teachers or your friends.
  • Make separate notes for chemical formulae; physics and mathematics numerical
  • Practice diagrams and label them well.
  • For general knowledge read the newspaper and current news magazines like Panorama Yearbooks and Pratiyogita Darpan for international news, scientific news, awards, conferences and launching of new programs like N-Deal etc.
  • Practice basic questions so that the confusions regarding them is not created as sometimes minor questions cause troubles which lead to waste of time.
  • Revise books at least 3 – 4 times as many multiple choice questions are derived from the inner – core of the chapters.
  • Work hard but also rest completely so that your brain is not suffocated and it is well said: ” Well-rested mind leads to greater inventions”.
  • Eat well and relieve stress by doing other activities for short period of time in between the study hours as it will help in retaining the memory and it will be helpful at learning the subjects more comfortably by unclogging your mind which may suffer due to continuous studies.
  • Allow enough time to each subject and each topic such that no topic is left unstudied.

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    Last Minute Preparation for COMEDK UGET 2018

    Focus On the Topics That You Have Studied

    It’s seen that students go back and unearth topics that they haven’t studied. Starting with unread topics will cause you to panic. It’s obvious that you have left those topics because you found them difficult. You seriously don’t want this headache in the final days of preparation!

    Set Aside A Few Days to Revise

    Revision is the best strategy to help you excel in the exam. You need to set aside a few days to revise. You have already spent months together in covering the entire syllabus and now, you must make enough time to revise whatever you studied. Depending on your personal preferences and speed, you need to have at least few days for revision.

     Do Not Let Your Doubt Cloud Your Concentration

    If a doubt is hindering your concentration, make sure that you have it cleared. That doubt could make or break your chances of scoring best in COMEDK UGET entrance exam. Ask experts, professors, mentors or seniors and clear it up.

    Eat Well

    Do not neglect your health in these final days of COMEDK UGET exam preparation. Consume food that is rich in nutrients. Falling sick now could ruin your future plans. In short, keep your stomach quiet.

    Sleep Early and Sleep Good

    Make sure that you go to bed before 11:00 PM especially before the day of the MBBS entrance exam and wake up early. Sufficient sleep is essential for proper functioning of the brain.

    Keep Your Nerves Calm

    Anxiety can blank you out. Don’t give it a chance to get to you. You have prepared well for COMEDK UGET entrance exam through the months. You simply need to take the final step now. Avoid panicking through a workout and good eating habits.

    Reach the COMEDK UGET 2015 MBBS Entrance Exam Location Early

    Getting to your exam hall early will help you calm some of your exam jitters – at least the commuting part is done. Running late on the day of COMEDK UGET entrance exam will only cause more anxiety. So, start early and reach at least half an hour before the commencement of the exam.

    Recommended Exam Preparation Books for COMEDK UGET (engineering as well as medicine)

    Lateral Entry to Engineer Degree (B.E./B. Tech) Exam Guide by R Gupta

    Objective Mechanical Engineering (Diploma) Competitive Exams by G.K Productions

    NCERT Books for 10th & 12th standard Science & Mathematics

    Aptitude Problems in Physics by S.S Krotov

    Algebra Made Easy by K.P Basu

    IIT Chemistry by O.P Aggarwal

    English Comprehension by Arihant Publications

    An Objective approach to English Literature by Ivan K. Masih

    B.S.E All India Engineering Entrance Exam for B.E/ B. Tech by Upkaar Prakashan

    DCE CEE by Arihant Publications

    AMU Engineering Entrance Exam by Ramesh Publications

    Group Discussions and Interviews by Anand Ganguly

    Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma

    Objective General English by S.P Bakshi

    Basic Numeracy MCQs 1000+ Questions

    Biology for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Base — 2nd Edition

    Mathematics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Base — 2nd Edition

    Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Base — 2nd Edition



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