College of Vocational Studies Delhi

College of Vocational Studies Delhi established in 1972 is a co-educational institution for higher learning. There are various courses offered in French, German and in Spanish languages and Post Graduate courses in Tourism and Book Publishing. The main aim of this college is to make students ready for the employment to grab the opportunities in the highly competitive world. The college is situated in the heart of Delhi at Sheikh Sarai. Besides, the college also offers regular courses like Economics, English, History Commerce and Management (BMS). Through its unique courses, the college aims to develop the professional quality of its candidates and to help them acquire knowledge and inter- disciplinary skills. The Programme provides knowledge of software applications computers, computers and communication skills which is the basic eligibility criteria for any kind of job in industry today.

Courses offered by College of Vocational Studies Delhi

College of Vocational Studies Delhi Undergraduate Courses:

  1. B.A. Vocational Studies
  2. B.A. (Hons) Business Economics (BBE)
  3. B.A. (Hons) Economics
  4. B.A. (Hons) History
  5. B.Com. (Hons)
  6. B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science

College of Vocational Studies Delhi Diploma/ Certificate/ Others Courses:

  1. Certificate Course French Language
  2. Certificate Course German Language
  3. P.G. Diploma Tourism
  4. P.G. Diploma Book Publishing

College of Vocational Studies Delhi Cut off 2015-2016

Applicants seeking to take admission in this college can refer to the following table the first cutoff for the courses offered at College of Vocational Studies

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College of Vocational Studies Delhi First Cut off 2015 List

1st Cut Off (%)
SR No.Course NameGenOBCSCSTPw0
1B.A. (VS) Tourism9289888888
 2B.A. (VS) Office Management & Secretarial Practice9087868686
 3B.A. (VS) Human Resource Management9390898989
 4B.A. (VS) Marketing Management and Retail Business9289888888
 5B.A. (VS) Management and Marketing of insurance9188878787
 6B.A. (VS) Materials Management9087868686
 7B.A. (VS) Small and Medium Enterprises9087868686
8B.A. (H) Economics97928989119
9B.A. (H) History9290898989

College of Vocational Studies Delhi Second Cut off 2015 List

2nd Cut Off
SR .No.Course NameGeneralOBCSCSTPwD
1BA. (VS) Tourism87-91.7584-88.7584-87.7584-87.7584-87.75
2B.A. (VS) Office Management & Secretarial Practice87-89.7583-86.7582- 85.7382-85.7582-85.75
3B.A. (VS) Human Resource Management89-92.7585-89.7584-88.7584-88.7584-88.75
4B,A. (VS) Marketing Management and Retail Business81.5-91.7585-88.7584-87.7584-87.7584-87.35
5B.A. (VS) Management and Marketing of Insurance88 -90.7584-87.7583 – 86.7583-86.7583-86.75
6BA. (VS) Materials Management87-89.7583-86,7582 – 85.7582-85.7582-85.75
7B.A. (VS) Small and Medium Enterprises87 – 893583-86.7582 – 85.7582-85.7582-85.75
8B.A, (H) Economics95.5 -96.7590-91.7586 – 88.7586-88.7586-88.75
9B.A. (H) History87 – 91.7585-89.7584 – 88.7584-88.7584-88.75

College of Vocational Studies Delhi Third Cut off 2015 List

  3rd Cut Off (%)
SR.No.Course NameGenOBCSCSTPwD
 1B.A. (VS) Tourism84 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above
 2B.A. (VS) Office Management & Secretarial Practice84 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above
 3B.A. (VS) Human Resource ManagementCLOSED83 & above82 & above82 & above82 & above
 4B.A. (VS) Marketing Management and Retail Business88 & above83 & above82 & above82 & above82 & above
 5B.A. (VS) Management and Marketing of Insurance86 & above8I & above80 & above80 & above80 & above
 6B.A. (VS) Materials Management84 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above
 7B.A. (VS) Small and Medium Enterprises84 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above80 & above
 8B.A. (H) EconomicsCLOSED89.50 – 89.7584.50 – 85.7584.50 – 85.7584.50 – 85.75
 9B.A. (H) History85.5 & above83.5 & above82.5 & above82.5 & above82 & above

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