Citibank Indian and Foreign Education Loan

21 Mar, 2016

Citibank Indian and Foreign Education Loan – Acknowledging the significance of education, Citibank Education Loan bids an education without any monetary difficulties. Education is one of life’s most important achievements which should never be cramped with a financial dilemma. The bank bids education loan to bright students who want to study further education /professional/technical education in India and abroad.


Just like any other bank, Citibank also counts students past academic records while making the decision to accept education loan to the candidate. Parent/Guardian applying on behalf of students must be in between the age group of 25-65 and must meet bank’s Salary norms. The candidate must provide proof of his/her admission in vocational/professional course they have chosen in the college/university in India/overseas.

  • The appliers must have achieved 21 years of age and have secured minimum 60% marks during the academic pursuance.
  • They must have acquired sanction for admission from the institute where they goal to pursue their study.
  • For Programs of study in abroad, the candidate should be an Indian citizen who has ensured admission to the professional courses through test/selection procedure conducted for same purpose by foreign University.

Eligible Courses

  • Courses and Programs in India.
  • Education loan aid is provided to candidates interested in seeking graduation, post-graduation and doctoral programs in India.
  • Applicant is also eligible to apply for loan if he/she is considering seeking professional courses like engineering and medical courses, CA, CFA, or ICWA etc. from nationally documented institutions such as IIM and IISc etc.
  • If the candidate is aiming to pursue employment-oriented courses like MS or MBA or other courses by CPA (USA) or CIMA.


Citibank offers an opportunity to select 5 to 9 years to reimburse the loan amount. The candidate also gets the opportunity to either reimburse the education loan amount fully upfront or gradually during the course of study. This freedom will give the candidate enough time to think how he or she would like to recompense.

Quantum of loan

Maximum loan amount allowable is Rs.10 lacs for education in India and Rs. 20 lacs for seeking a course in overseas.


  • There is no margin for loan up to Rs. 4 lacs.
  • However, for loan amount over Rs. 4 lacs, margin could be 5 % to 15% for both in India and abroad education.


Even though, no assurance is wanted for loan up to Rs 4 lacs, one needs a third party as an agreement for amount more than Rs 4 lacs.



If the loan amount is more than Rs. 7.5 lacs, collateral security is obligatory to back the loan and it has to be of 100% of the amount of loan or there has to be co-obligation of parents or guardian or third party. The upcoming income of the candidate may also calculated in imbursement of installments.

Credit Delivery

  • The loan can be enabled from the branch most nigh to the place of permanent residence.
  • Fast loan approval- bank can approve candidates’ loan application within 1-2 working days upon his/her complete submission of official papers.

Tenure of loan repayment

The tenancy of loan reimbursement Up to 9 years.


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