CBSE Has Proclaimed Amendments in 12th Board English (Core) Question Paper

04 Oct, 2018
CBSE Revises Exam Pattern For Class 12 English

The central board of secondary education has come to the conclusion of amending the pattern of the English question paper for the 12th board examinations that will be conducted in the upcoming academic year of 2018-19. There have been some alterations brought into the concern of all the students from the stable pattern continuing from the previous years.

The question paper will consist of 19 questions instead of 24 unlike the previous years. There would be possibly only two sections instead of three and the questions would be allocated accordingly. The decision has been taken with consideration of the meetings and collaborated decision of the stakeholders, and the subject experts of the board authority conducting the examinations.

    Along with the sections and curtailment of the number of questions in each questions the typology has also been amended by the officials. There will only be a set of nine short questions, five MCQ’s, three short questions and two very long questions, respectively following the questions. The totality of scores following the first section will be conducted only for 30 marks.

    The CBSE has also indulged into the responsibility of preparing the students for the same by providing the sample questions. This academic year CBSE has completely transformed its pattern formation where the students would surely come up with several questions regarding the idea of questions, the marks allotted, the sections included, the short answer type and long answer type questions and the ones which are mandatory. Thus, every information would be easily available in the CBSE official website that is,


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