CBSE Class XII Accounts & Chemistry Paper Leaked

22 Mar, 2018

From various parts of NCR, we are getting rumors about CBSE class XII Chemistry and Accounts paper. CBSE has not given any confirmation regarding the rumor of Chemistry paper being leaked, as the investigation for the same is still going on. But there is a good news for the students concerned about the Accounts paper. CBSE has denied the news of XII Accounts paper leak, saying that all the question paper seals were found intact.

CBSE denies that the Class XII Accountancy exam paper was leaked. The paper was conducted on 15th March 2018, Thursday. The government of Delhi has requested an investigation for the same. In an announcement, CBSE said that the seal on every question paper has been discovered in place at exam centers.

    It isn’t known whether each CBSE center in Delhi was checked or not. According to the statement given by CBSE, some mischievous students tried to play a mischief by circulating messages through WhatsApp and other social networking sites to disturb the conduct of CBSE examinations. The Board has chosen to make strict move against such exercises. An FIR has also being logged, says CBSE.

    It is believed that the Chemistry paper for the CBSE XII boards was leaked, and was available to the students before the commencement of the exam. The exam was conducted on 13th March 2018. CBSE representative Rama Sharma has disproved the claims that the Chemistry paper had been leaked.

    The papers were circulated amongst the students in the last hour of the exam, while the exam was still going on. This could have happened because of some mischievous students who would have not prepared for the exam, and must have left the exam in between. They shared the images of the question paper on the social media. Therefore, we are hoping for this news to be just a rumor.

    The Class XII board exams have been overshadowed by numerous controversies this year. Previously, there were allegations of the Chemistry, Physics and Business Studies exam papers being leaked.

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