CBSE Class X students to get extra marks in English board Exam?

25 Apr, 2018

CBSE has finally come forward with the declaration that it will be awarding two extra marks, adding them to the score of the candidates who appeared for the class X Board English exam. It was found that one of the two marker questions asked in the paper was incorrect, causing a row among experts as well as candidates who had to leave the question. The CBSE Board exam was held on 12th March 2018 and ever since the question paper started being circulated, experts have been discussing about the wrong question and CBSE’s response to it. When the news first started doing the rounds, no official from the board confirmed anything. However, CBSE Class X board English Exam extra marks message is now one of the hottest topics of discussion.

The controversy began due to the third question of passage 2, which asked the students to find the synonyms from given specific paragraphs in the passage. However, it was found that the specified paragraphs did not have the synonyms. The synonyms were in different paragraphs, which ended up confusing the students. Such question was discouraged by the teachers and experts, who have also sent back their feedback to the board about the same. This is because even though the students had found the synonyms of the asked words, they could not answer the question as they were left confused, trying to find the right word in the specified paragraph.

    Before the CBSE board could disclose anything more on the exam or the status of the question asked, a Whatsapp message started doing the wrong, stating that the board has agreed to award two extra marks due to its incorrect question in the English board exam for class X. However, the board has not confirmed the same yet. The Board’s stand on the question is unknown and it is unsure whether the board will consider this or not. However, experts say that there have been incidents where CBSE has erred and has compensated the student in terms of marks and thus, they are quite hopeful that the board will not be unfair to the students.

    NOTE- Even though the Whatsapp message comes from a reliable group, the source of the news could not be confirmed. The probability of this being true is high, but the board will be awarding the extra marks only to the students who had tried to answer or attempted the question. The official statement of the board about its stand on the question paper and the controversy is awaited.


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