CBSE Class 10th Board Examinations Preparation Tips 2019

11 Oct, 2018
CBSE Class 10th Board Examinations Preparation Tips 2019

CBSE examinations are expected to start from the first week of March 2019 and continue till the month of April. As the date draws near, the students will feel the pressure to perform unto the best of their abilities to score high marks by putting the maximum efforts in their preparations. However just like every year students and parents feel the heat of the exams and want to leave no stone unturned to achieve desired results. Following pointers will be useful as CBSE class 10th board examinations preparation tips 2019:

Significance of CBSE class 10th Examinations

  1. The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has been the most popular education authority conducting the 10th as well 12th board examinations along with other standards every consecutive year.
  2. The 10th board examinations remain very important for all the students as it is the foremost board examinations in their educational career in which they ought to score high.
  3. The CBSE 10th examinations get conducted in the months of March-April of every year and the results after the evaluation of the answer scripts come up in the month of May at the most.
  4. All the students are expected to try their best through the proper preparation strategies to score the best in the examinations affiliated to the CBSE. The examination time makes them filled with anxiety and curiosity and thus, the students are expected to follow maximum references of the previous year so that they can score well with better idea about the same.

What’s New in CBSE Board Examinations 2019?

  • The CBSE Board has changed the examination pattern for the English Language with a new typology of questions, marking scheme and lesser questions for class 12.
  • The CBSE vocational subjects will be conducted after the February 15 and others will follow the same in the month of March of the same academic year.
  • The CBSE is expected to shift the aim of paper pattern from rote learning to conceptual learning which includes conducting vocational exams in February and ending by March of the similar academic year.
  • The new changes in the pattern of the paper has been planned to get enforced from the academic year of 2020. Once the pattern introduced gets approved, it will get implemented.

10 Vital CBSE Class 10th Board Examinations Preparation Tips 2019

  1. Make or prepare a schedule- For thorough preparation, it is important to make a schedule and follow it religiously to cover the syllabus completely. This would ensure that no portion of the syllabus has been left uncovered. Once the timetable has been made, students must follow it and make timely changes to suit their requirements as they progress with the studies.
  2. Systematic arrangement of study table- Study table must be de-cluttered and properly organized to make it easy to find relevant study material without wasting precious time. Books must be labelled and kept handy for easy reference. Same goes for sample papers and reference books needed to labelled and kept at hands reach.
  3. Segregate important topics- It is important to segregate topics and deal with the difficult ones which need maximum time for preparation. It also accords an opportunity to clear doubts related to the difficult topics under the guidance of teachers or peers and leaves nothing uncovered.
  4. Wall mounted study template- A small paper cut out depicting a flowchart of important activities and milestones to be achieved must be pasted or hung at the eye level of the student. This cut out should contain the subjects, topics, sub-topics, doubts, etc to progress the preparation for the examination in a time-bound manner. This flow chart must be reformed from time to time to meet the current requirement of the students and will give a clear picture of topics covered and left untouched.
  5. Practice Sample Papers- Past years’ sample papers and old board exam papers serve as a template to base one’s preparations on. These papers must be diligently checked and attempted so as to provide a clear insight of the time taken and corrections to be made for self-progress.
  6. Group Study- Studying with your peers and discussing subjects with them will not only clear one’s doubts but will also help to test one’s own knowledge. This time should be wisely used to write answers, solve sample papers and keep a check on the time is taken to finish them so as to give an idea of the final day of the exam.
  7. Short Breaks- It is equally important to take short breaks in between to keep mind fresh to bounce back to books with restored energy and vigor. This break time can be utilized for evaluating one’s progress or to clear doubts or plan for topics which may need some more time to work on.
  8. Diet Plan- One cannot ignore the importance of healthy and nutritious diet which will keep the students energetic and healthy till the commencement of exams. Eating fresh fruits, nuts interspersed with lots of fluids shall keep the brain sufficiently nourished to take on the rigors of the studies. A light diet will not only keep the students energetic and fresh but will also reduce lethargy.
  9. Revision- Just a day before the commencement of examination revision comes in handy to touch upon the important and expected topics stressed upon by the teachers. Proper time should be allotted to revise each subject well in time by practicing questions and solving sample papers for correct self-evaluation.
  10. Exam Day- As the day begins, it is advisable to reach exam center well in time to settle down and undertake last minute revision. It is best to check ones all required stationary and ID proof and spot ones allotted space leaving no room for time wastage or last moment panic situation.

The above guidelines, if followed persistently will ensure students not only to get desired results but also prepare and execute examinations smoothly. There are no shortcuts to success. CBSE class 10th board examinations preparation tips 2019 will appear hand for the serious students. Hard work, determination, disciplined lifestyle and will to succeed will ensure not only the meritorious result but will also lay the ground to succeed in all future endeavors.


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