CBSE Board New Exam Pattern for Class 12th English (Core)

05 Oct, 2018
CBSE Board New Exam Pattern for Class 12th English

CBSE 12th Board New Exam Pattern for English- The Central Board of Secondary Education has proclaimed a change in the English Pattern for the class 12th board examinations. The examination pattern for all other subjects in the three respective streams have not concluded any change but English from the current academic year 2018-19. According to the exam board officials, there would be changes in the number of questions, the curtailment of sections, and also variation in the marking procedure for the questions as well. There will be two sections in the whole question paper with Section A following Section B with the request of the stakeholders and the subsequent will of the meetings of Committee of Courses of the subject specialists.

CBSE 12th Board Exam Pattern: English

There will be a totality of two sections, Section A and Section B instead of Section C unlike the earlier pattern.  Now the Section would include 19 questions and Section B would contain 35 questions with the vivid marking schemes for all the questions, respectively. The number of passages has been reduced to two from three with an alteration in the typology of question pattern for both the sections included. The first passage would contain five MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), nine very short types of questions, and three short answer type questions, comprehensively. In the passage two, there will be a totality of two long answer questions for all the students.  

CBSE 12th English Marking Scheme and Question Pattern Analysis

    Serial Number

    Reading Section

    Existing Questions

    Revised Section (2018-19)



    The number of passages has been reduced from three to two.

    · There will be two passages of 1100-1200 words

    · One passage of 400-500 words

    · One passage of 800-900 words

    · One passage of 800-900 words



    Typology of the Questions for the Examination (for all the passages)

    · There will be 6 MCQ’s

    · There will be 16 questions which will be very short answer type questions (1 mark)

    · There will be 1 short type answer questions (3 marks)

    · There will be 1 long answer type question (5 marks)

    First Passage:

    · There will be 5 MCQ’s for 1 marks for each

    · There will be 9 very short answer type questions with 3 questions being marked solely on vocabulary

    · There will be 3 short answer type questions for 2 marks for each

    Second Passage:

    There will be 2 long answer type questions for 5 marks for each



    The Total Number of Questions for Section A (for all the existing passages)

    There will be a totality of 24 questions for 30 marks.

    There will be 19 questions for 30 marks in total.



    Total Number of Questions in the Question Paper

    40 questions in total

    35 questions in total.

    Marking Scheme for CBSE 12th English Examination: Click Here to know

    All the students who are going to appear in the 12th board examinations can easily take a look at the marking scheme or structure according to which they will secure scores in the examination for the academic year 2018-19.

    Question Paper for CBSE 12th English Examination: Click Here

    The above file attached includes the design or pattern question paper that will help the 2019 applicants of CBSE 12th class to cope with the drastic change in the question paper pattern for the English subject for the first time after its inception.

    This is all about the new exam pattern announced by CBSE for class 12th English (Core). Stay tuned to us to catch all latest updates about CBSE board examinations.


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