CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2018

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2018 – We are providing Preparation Tips & Tricks for all the students who are appearing in CBSE 12th exam 2018 of all subjects irrespective of your Stream you are in.

CBSE 12th class board exams always play a vital role for everyone in their educational phase, these board exams are not only of students alone but also tedious for their parents as well.

These Preparation Tips can help you to put your 100% in CBSE 12th board exams 2018.  Just remember one thing don’t ever rely on revising the topic, it’s always better to strengthen your basics rather than mugging.

Here are some tips on how you should prepare yourself and write the answers for CBSE 12th exam 2018.

Defeat Yourself

Make 2 instances of yourself and divide it into past and present. Now play with yourself between your Present and your Past, keeping in mind that you have to defeat your past at any cost.

Keep defeating your previous (past) percentage in order to perform well in your 12th Board examination. Your target should be always to do better than your past performance.


Get Glued with your Syllabus book

You should rather stick to your syllabus books than the big heavyweight reference books. Reference books are good to study but only for those who want to be a part of competitive exams after 12th class.

Focus on your weak areas

You should always keep the focus on your weakness and should act and prepare accordingly.


Recovering from your weak points which are responsible for your deducted marks will surely put you on the track of scoring great percentage in your board exams.

Also, check the tentative CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2018 here

Time Will Kill Your Marks

Every student knows the definition of time management, but only a few of them take it seriously while preparing for board exams.

Solve Previous Year Papers

Believe it or not, previous year papers act like a key to success in getting the best percentage in your 12th class. Don’t buy such costly and heavy books. You can find anything, anytime over the internet.

Don’t Underestimate ENGLISH

Not everybody, but many students do not take English subject seriously and at the time of result, this subject becomes responsible for the drop in overall percentage.

Also, give a special attention to handwriting while preparing for English. You will secure at least 5 marks just by working on your answer sheet presentation skills.

Every Single Mark Counts

Even a single mark can make a big difference to 89.9% and 90%.  So each and every activity matters while you are preparing for board exams. Neatness and cleanliness are one of them which includes handwriting.

One Night before the Exam

10 percent of your marks depends on this night, make a great use of this night, not in the study but in taking rest, making your mind feel relaxed.

Make yourself forget that tomorrow is your exam, feel free and relax. Do not ever try to revise your study stuff, as this is not one night fight.

Sleep earlier as much as possible, and take a long sleep. This will help you to reset your brain and remember the things more accurately at the time of the exam.

Do’s And Don’ts On The Exam Day

Do’s – Take a healthy sleep and get up early in the morning. Open up your study stuff and make a quick revise of all the topics in a brief way.

Don’ts – Do not lose your confidence when you find something is still remaining to cover. Let it be, do not ruin all other topics just because of that single thing.


During The Exam Time

First and important, before reading the question paper, feel and pretend that you are well familiar with each and every question and you know how to answer each question present in that question paper.

This is self-defence system and works very well. Thinking like this will make you even more positive and you will perform double for sure!

Disconnect Your Social Activity

Disconnect yourself from every social activity 3 months before the board exam. Put your Facebook account, cell phones, WhatsApp, etc on rest for these 3 months.

Stop attending parties sort of things, say goodbye to your friends even the closest one for this time period.

Use Simple Language

Use the simple understandable language while writing the answer in the exam, this will help you to frame your answer properly.




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