CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2019

13 Sep, 2018

CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2019 – Every step you take, and every task you do requires a prominent planning. A proper plan not only helps you to prepare well and become confident to face the results in future, but also makes you well- disciplined in a way that adds to your capacities to push your potentials further into creating something real great. Similarly, if you are indulged into the preparation of the 12th board’s examination under Central Board of Secondary Education, then CBSE 12th Preparation Tips 2019 is what comes to your rescue. Make better plans for preparations. Prepare yourself for the worst with the use of the best techniques for gearing both confidence and courage. When the board examinations knock at the door, you must follow several steps that allow you to nurture your weakness and create a positive impact at the end of the academic year with flying colors. All the students are expected to refer to the following tips and tricks to gather great results in the 12th boards in all streams.

Challenge Yourself

There is nothing that is not possible for you. Make sure that you are indulged into the process of challenging yourself every time you are taking up the responsibility of a big thing in life. 12th board exams are as such. If you are not challenging yourself every day then you will never realize your potential for accomplishing a task. Each day you sit and study, you will invent a positive vibe towards the books once you remember how important for you are the scores that are going to design your future.

Focus on your book

    The motive of all the students should lie in the books that are assigned by the CBSE board authority. It has been observed in the past years that the CBSE question papers for the 10th and 12th board examinations are syllabus oriented. For this, the students should always indulge in concentrating on the syllabus that is prescribed in the respective books for each of the subjects. If you stick to the syllabus according to how it is illustrated in the books, then no one can defeat you in the boards.

    Improve your weak points

    No one can predict your weaknesses better than you. But there is always a proper solution to everything if prominently thought upon. If you are lacking clarity in a particular subject then make sure that you are giving ample time to the understanding and practicing it well before the commencement of the examinations. You should never delay with this as the last moment is only meant for revision.

    Time Management

    Time and tide waits for none. Thus, make sure that you manage and regulate time for all the chapters included in your syllabus. If you allocate proper time to each of the subjects, then definitely you will not lag behind anything in general. Everything you do is completely dependent upon the time that you are preserving and utilizing. So, make the best use of the available time now, so that do not repent in future.

    Solve Previous Year Sample Papers

    If you really want to get the best idea about how to score the best marks in your board examinations, then make an attempt to solve at least the last 5-10 years sample papers before the exams begin. It not only gives you an idea about the pattern of the question paper, but also allows you to build perfection and confidence to face any sort of miscellaneous questions. The question papers available both in online and offline format assists the students in determining the marking scheme for each long as well as short answer type questions that arrive in the examinations.

    Mandatory Tips for the Exam Day

    Keep calm and enter the examination hall. Make very sure that you are entering the examination hall before 30 minutes of the commencement of the examination. There are two reasons for this, one is that you will not be allotted extra time for completing your answers. Second, that you will not get a chance to read the question paper properly. So, make your presence early and carry your hall ticket or admit card which is your recognition in all days of the exams.

    Do not panic

    It may happen that you might not be clear of particular topics, and in this case you will need to focus on the same to encounter possible solutions for it. Many people have their own weak points and strengths. If you are good in some particular topics does not mean that you will be strong in other subject as well. Thus, you have to note down the weak points that you hold in a particular topic and find out the necessary solutions to it.

    Repeat your Revision

    Once you have done your concepts and attained full clarity in them, make sure that you indulge into the habit of doing revision. Revision has many benefits. They make your practice better; they make you more familiar with the chapters that you go through. With each revision, you get to derive some of the doubts and this makes your concepts clear than before. If you are clear with your doubts, you will no longer have the risk of lagging behind of time.

    Detach from Social Networks

    Social media does not allow you to concentrate in a particular subject. They distract you with every notification that pops up in the phone screen. Make sure that you detach from social connectivity so that you don’t feel the urge for getting connected to more and more people on an everyday basis. The more you connect with people, you build a tendency to reply them or look up into their notification. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media network you ought to keep yourself par from every social media platform until and unless there is an emergency on your part or you have control on the use of social media networks.

    All the students who are going to appear for any stream in the 12th board examinations must make some points of preparation mandatory in their minds. Some of the most essential tips and tricks have been provided to the students after immense analysis and research. Thus, the students can refer the same to grasp an idea of bagging the top scores.


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