Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering knew as B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is an undergraduate programme in Computer Science and Engineering. In this course, applicant will learn about theoretical foundations of information, computation, their implementation, computation and function in computer systems. The engineers are mostly involved in the development of the hardware and software systems of the different aspects of computing. The duration of this course is about 4 years and the syllabus is spread across 8 semesters in which candidates will learn about basic engineering techniques such as in the first year it includes various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering drawing and mathematics and from second year they are focused on core subjects which include data structure, programming, Algorithms, Computer networks, Web technologies, Operating systems, Digital logic, Databases and Computer Architecture and Theoretical computer science. After completion of this course, graduates will be engineering professionals, innovators, leaders and practitioners who would help to solve the industries technical problems.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Course Summary
Course Name Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
Commonly known as B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Course Time Full Time
Duration 4 years
Stream Computer Science and Engineering

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are seeking for the admission in this course must satisfy the below conditions:

  • Candidates should have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate or its equivalent examination from a recognised university to get admission in this course.
  • Candidates must score a minimum of 50% of aggregate marks in their secondary education with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with any one of the subjects like Computer Science, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Biology.
  • Candidates have to give an Entrance Exam for the admission in this course and the test differs from institute to institute.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Syllabus

First Year (Semester 1 and 2)

  • English
  • Mathematics I
  • Applied Physics
  • Computers and Information Technology C & Data Structures
  • C & Data Structures
  • Network Theory
  • Semiconductor Devices and circuits Engineering Drawing Practice
  • Engineering Drawing Practice
  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Computer Programming Lab Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Lab

Second Year

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Semester 3

  • Mathematics II
  • Discrete Structures and Graph Theory
  • Data Processing and File Organization
  • Linear and Digital ICs Applications
  • Switching theory and Logic design
  • Managerial Economics and Accountancy
  • COBOL Lab
  • IC Applications Lab

Semester 4

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Electrical Technology
  • Computer Organization
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab

 Semester 5

  • Interfacing through Microprocessors
  • Operations Research
  • Data Communications
  • Theory of Computation
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • System Programming
  • Interfacing through microprocessor lab
  • Systems Programming Lab

Semester 6

  • Management Science
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Language processors
  • Database management Systems
  • Language Processor Lab
  • DBMS Lab

Semester 7

  • Software Engineering
  • Distributed Systems
  • Visual Programming Techniques
  • Java programming
  • (Elective I) Advanced Computer Architecture
  • (Elective I) Fault Tolerant Systems
  • (Elective II) Digital Speech and Image processing
  • (Elective II) Neural Networks
  • Visual Programming Lab
  • Java Lab

Semester 8

  • (Elective-III) Simulation and Modelling
  • (Elective-III) Robotics
  • (Elective IV) Data Mining and Ware Housing
  • (Elective IV) Advanced Databases.
  • Project Work

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Job Types

  • Professor – Computer Science & Engineering
  • Team Lead – Computer Science
  • Computer Programmer
  • Engineering Support Specialist
  • R&D Applications Engineer/Scientist
  • Academic Research Editor – Engineering
  • Tech Lead Software Engineering
  • Software Developer – Engineering Automation
  • Voice Engineer – Systems Engineering
  • Manager – Intellectual Property
  • Software Engineer – Market Data Engineering

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering Career Opportunities

  • Programming and software development
  • Information systems operation and management
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Computer science research
  • The Web and the internet
  • Image processing, graphics and multimedia
  • Training and support
  • Data mining specialisation.


  • Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modelling
  • Spatiotemporal Data Management
  • Information Retrieval
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Information Coding Techniques
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Semantic Web
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Design Patterns
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Real – Time Computing Systems
  • Scientific Computing
  • Cloud Computing and Services
  • Human Computer Interface
  • NAND2TETRIS: Building Computers from First Principles

  • Physics II
  • Advanced Databases
  • Parallel And Distributed Computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Embedded Programming
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Multimedia Databases
  • Distributed Embedded Systems
  • Biometrics
  • Wireless and Mobile Computing
  • Pervasive Computing

  • Advanced Database Management Systems
  • Principles Of Digital Image Processing
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication
  • Data Compression
  • Bioinformatics
  • Advanced Algorithms and Analysis
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Information Security
  • Cryptography
  • Computer Vision
  • Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • OS for Smart Devices (Android and IOS)
  • Intellectual Property
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  1. Sir I don’t have computer science in 12 class but I won’t do btech in computer science so Is it difficult to me or not? Please reply sir .

    • Hello, Bhawani Singh.
      If you have studied computer science in your 12th standard or not is not the problem about the difficulty of B.Tech in CS (Computer Science). The difficulty of any engineering course will be based upon your capability to study the same. If you think that you are capable of keeping up your studies up to the level of B.Tech in CS without even studying computer science in 12th standard. Then you can achieve it.
      Best of luck!
      Thank you.

  2. hi sir . tanish paul here . i am little bit confused to take field . but i am in now 12th i took the subeject PCM and computer science . i also have interest in computer science so what is the scope in computer science . please suggest me a good field can i take B.Tech or BSc I.T.? please suggest

  3. I want more information about engineering specially abut computer science engineering
    Which entrance to do for it
    Does it has scope or not…
    Am very confused plzz help me

    • Hello Sonali,
      There is a vast scope in the industry, I am suggesting few of them in best of my knowledge
      Embedded systems
      Database management
      Computer software and hardware implementation
      Computer hardware & software maintenance
      Web designing
      Computer architecture and organisation
      Database systems
      Operating systems
      Foundations of Computer Systems
      Java Programming and Website Design
      E-Commerce & ERP and Multimedia Applications
      Gaming and other connected industries

  4. helo…i want to do game designing…like designing characters weapons and vehicles etc….now i want to do ug here and pg in abroad… if i take btech computer,will i be able to enter the future of a game designer?

  5. Hello sir this is amit tiwari i am bsc graduate with pgm passout 2010 and now i could not enter in it field due to family problem and now i am looking to do mca or other networking courses please provide me information about this problem is this possible to do mca now for me and also provide me information regarding courses fee thanking you sir

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