Why MBA and How to Prepare for the CAT 2018

06 Sep, 2018
Why MBA and how to prepare for the CAT 2018

Why MBA and how to Prepare for the CAT 2018 – Most of the candidates choose to pursue MBA after completion of their graduation as it adds an advantage to their career. Moreover, it helps in getting a good salaried job and landing to a managerial position. So to pursue MBA one of the best exam to attempt is CAT as it is held to screen the candidate’s interpretation ability and aptitude ability. The candidates must know the exam pattern and syllabus well. Also the distribution of question and marking scheme as it will be easier to prepare. They must take the CAT 2018 mock test as many as they can to score good marks. According to the topper, the key to success the CAT 2018 exam is to solve previous year question paper and sample papers. To know more about the preparation tips read this article.

Some quick reasons for why people opt for pursuing an MBA degree are:

  • Career Development.
  • Better job aspects
  • Knowledge growth in Management stream
  • Gain Business Networking
  • Self-Branding

Some High-level Tips to Crack the CAT 2018 are as follows

    Mock tests help you a lot. They actually give you a simulated environment of the exams which will help you a lot. They not only help you to check and exercise whatever you have prepared, but they also give you a vision of what’s really working in your homework plan and helps you to readjust the same for the future days.

    Try to create peer study groups with whom you can share questions, doubts etc. This helps in communication and knowledge sharing is also enabled. Starting a small crowd and debating with them on regular interims on the different questions you have and the concepts involved will help you to develop a collection of methods involved.

    Owing to the growth of the technology, we must be thankful for the resources that are available for free over the internet. So try to make use of them the most. Finally, it is more important to emphasize more on your feeble areas than your sturdy areas. So try to understand the basics and concepts thoroughly and keep putting in your 100% efforts to crack the CAT 2018.

    Section-wise Tips

    Quantitative Aptitude

    • Start piling up previous year’s quant section question papers and try solving them with time limits. This helps you analyze your weakness and area which need pivotal importance.
    • Dedicate some time to improve your calculation speed. For trying a question, try diving the time into two parts, to clinch the question and to determine it further. Speedy calculation will certainly save your time. Try to memorize time-saving methods like tables till 40, squares and square roots up to 50, cubes and cube roots up to 20, etc. Try to maintain a hand-written formula book.
    • Practice cracking questions less than 2 minutes. This is the time you get to spend during your actual exam in the quant section.

    VARC Section

    • Verbal ability section consists of total 34 questions of which 24 are multiple choice and 10 are non- multiple choice type of questions. One must have a strong command over English to score high in this section.
    • Try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time. If you can, then you are the one! Try reading books from various genres. Who knows you RC passage may be from any one of them! A dictionary is the first essential source to expand your language.
    • Try to give importance to the keywords in comprehension section and not necessarily on every word. Yes, it might be surprising but that’s the fact. Try to practice RC section, by eliminating unnecessary words, phrases, sentences etc.

    DILR Section

    • Try to practice this with simple reasoning questions first and understand the logic behind solving DILR questions. Therefore try to improve your reading skills as well simultaneously. Rather than concentrating on a maximum number of questions to solve, try to pick those ones that you are sure to solve it right.
    • The Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning section, does not involve too many concepts to learn. So try to understand the elementary study material is to be rapidly reread and basic theories of Speed Math to be brushed up.
    • The Logical Reasoning section is all about knowing the hidden trick in the given question and working it down with a sense of logic. In the Logical Reasoning section sets, try to analyze and note down the diverse types of problems that you come across during your preparations and mock tests. So to crack this section spend some time for some devising sessions, like solving puzzles, Crosswords, Sudoku, jumbled words, riddles on blood relations, family tree etc.

    There is no hesitation that adding an MBA degree to your CV will strengthen reliability and respect. The MBA degree typically delivers the key you require to thrive in management in the shortest span of time.


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