What to do on CAT Exam Day

20 Nov, 2018
What to do on CAT Exam Day

When CAT is only a few days away, it is absolutely normal for a CAT aspirant to panic a few weeks before the exam. However, this is the key moment when you need to work smart and not be overwhelmed by the stress. The fear of not achieving is something normal, but CAT is not the only option. So here are some tips to be followed on what to do on CAT exam day. Try to follow the tips below for the CAT exam day and try to improve your level. Do not feel dispirited if you do not make it to the top universities in your first attempt. Prepare yourself and you will soon hit your goal.

What to do on CAT Exam Day: Do not Forget the Admit Card

Make sure that the copies of the CAT admit card is legible and contains correct information, including the correct photo. In addition to the CAT admit card, you must also provide proof of identity, which must confirm the details on the admit card. Many aspirants take a bag with calculators, books, pencils, and pencils or stationary objects; however, none of these items is allowed in the CAT exam center. Therefore, it is best not to carry such items with you.

What to do on CAT Exam Day: Carry the Essential Identity Proof

    In cases where the candidate’s name has altered changed as a result of an event, he or she must have a document with a name change rate that supports the name change. This document may be a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, etc. Also, bring a notarized photocopy of the accompanying document.

    Follow these rules to prepare for the exam center. With these tips, you can ward off the troubled exam day. Here are some suggestions on what to do on CAT exam day to consider on the day of the exam.

    1. Be there on time. Delays could get you into trouble.
    2. Only the use of the mouse is allowed to mark your answers.
    3. Do not use the keyboard. Sign up for your exam as soon as you are prompted. Do not hurry.
    4. Read all instructions carefully before proceeding with the test. You must sign the declaration displayed on the test screen to open the test link.
    5. The question paper is split up into three sections VARC, DILR and Quant. The quantitative section contains MCQs and non-MCQs.
    6. If your mind remains empty during the exam, does a simple breathing exercise to concentrate, and then read the exam work to find something that you know well? Answer that first, to boost your confidence, and then move on to the trickier stuff.
    7. Some people get diverted when they realize they only have a few minutes left to finish the exam. This is highly undesirable for any candidate. Each aspirant should focus on the necessary aspects, such as: For example, checking if the OMR datasheet has been completed
    8. If you have problems during the test, you should lift your hand to notify the supervisor. Be seated and elaborate the matter to the supervisor approaching you.
    9. There is only a negative mark for MCQs. The virtual keyboard can be used for non-MCQs. being there for CAT Exam is nothing short of a fight and to win one, you have to be well prepared. CAT, however, is a battle of the mind and you have been preparing your mind for a long time. The main thing is to carry admit card and proof of identity.
    10. Under no circumstances should you move away from your seat until the end of the exam period. Various cities will hold exams in numerous centers. It is normal for aspirants to be restless on the exam day while perhaps missing those guidelines during the exam. Stay composed. That’s the most important of all.
    11. Do not panic about what the questionnaire will look like. Always remember that this is just an attempt. You should not worry if you have responded to fewer questions, because if you find it difficult, it would have been difficult for others. Definitely, have some good amount of sleep. When you follow all these tips we hope success is near to you.

    These 11 mantras on CAT exam day can lead you closer to the success in Common Admission Test- India’s largest management entrance exam.


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