What is the secret to crack GD/PI at the top B-Schools

21 May, 2018

What is the secret to crack GD/PI at the top B-Schools – Whenever you think about the next level of rounds after the CAT 2018, it the Group Discussion and Personal Interview round that would come into mind for every aspirant. It is actually an integral part of MBA selection process. So it is critical to comprehend what to talk and what not to talk during a Group Discussion or Personal Interview. You cannot learn a trick to clear GD-PI rounds at the Top Indian B-Schools. IT is all about hard work and efforts which you may to put in from the beginning. Develop reading habit. Try to read as much as you can. Also, start conversing in English. Speaking fluently is one other important aspect.

Below are some secret tricks which you will have to practice if you are trying to join MBA in one of the top B-Schools in India.

Group Discussion

  1. Try to read as much as you can. Start reading newspapers daily, as they will help you to gain some point while in a group discussion.
  2. Get into the GD at the right time. Do not interrupt anybody, but try to pitch in when somebody else in on a small pause. Be clear and self-confident on points.
  3. It is not essential to attain at an accord in during a GD. Applicants have various opinions and agreement can’t be reached at times. But it is always essential to settle the GD.
  4. Apart from knowing current affairs, make a point to know the current politics, Indian economy as well.
  5. Make a point to demonstrate your personal trait so that the moderator remembers you throughout the discussion.
  6. Take a composed attitude to things – Be conscious of aces and rip-offs/ positives and negatives of any topic taken up. Then after assessing them make a balanced judgment.

Key Personal Traits to be demonstrated while in GD

The Capability to listen to other people

    Try to listen to other people attentively. Add to their opinions and arise up with new inferences. But try to avoid bumping in and also avoid introducing new lines of discussion.

    The Ability to be different from others

    This is the primary key. Characteristically only 2 to 3 people crack CAT demonstrating this capability.  Amazingly this is the easiest too. Candidates start feeling the pressure of speaking for just 10 minutes and they try to rush in. Yes, you may have to be a bit loud to be heard, but handle the situation well.  Don’t try to pitch in having a completely opposite point.

    For instance, if a person near you have spoken about a topic and has taken a pause, try to get in now and start discussing the same point the person mentioned and do a brief analysis of the same by talking about the pros and cons of it. This should not consume more than 1.5 minutes.

    Personal Interview

    1. Understand when you are in a Personal Interview round; it is completely fine to say ‘I don’t know’. Trying to answer a question without knowing the subject is worse than saying a ‘No’.
    2. There’s the definitive inaugural question in a Personal Interview – ‘Share something about you’
    3. The answer you are trying to give to this question will be a breakthrough. Try to talk about your education, past experience, family briefly. Do not talk too much about the past.
    4. Make sure to know the basic current affairs as well. You may get some question from there too.
    5. Be yourself, it is easy for them to catch you if you are not who you are.
    6. Be well-mannered at every place and be humble. It is absolutely fine to say “Don’t Know” with a smile.
      Try being calm and composed. Try to listen to something funny, do some meditation and try to catch up with people around.
    7. One another usual question is ‘Why do you want to join MBA?’
    8. While answering such questions keep in cognizance the complete growth you’ll get during your MBA course and the acquirement of abilities for lifelong triumph in individual and inland space. Remember, after the MBA, one gets into a work in a business world where you can expect an express professional growth along with high financial yields. But then, management as a livelihood is also a thought-provoking vocation.
    9. The third most common question you can expect is ‘Where do you see yourself down the lane after 5 years?’
    10. While replying to this question, emphasis on skills improvement, augmented accountability while emphasizing your aims as an accomplishment. But try to avoid saying VP, Chairman, Head of Sales kind of options as it might sound very similar.
    11. Mock Group Discussions are the best option to prepare you for the GD.

    Assessment is done on the subsequent benchmarks; so make sure you display most of these

    • Public Dynamics
    • Capability to analyze circumstances
    • Thought progression
    • Appearance style

    Temperament: Judgment making and Management skills


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