Vital Verbal Ability For CAT 2018 Preparation Tips

31 May, 2018

Vital Verbal Ability for CAT 2018 Preparation Tips –The timer to CAT 2018 has already begun. Uncalled-for to say, hard work, and some tips and tricks can communally do wonders for the CAT 2018 aspirants. The section on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) is very important in CAT 2018, and it is exceptionally imperative to prepare in the correct way. To stand out in the section, candidates must regularly read newspapers, magazines, and novels – this helps to improve vocabulary while keeping you up-to-date.

This section contains questions from the English language and grammar. It tests the language and comprehension skills of a candidate. A total of 34 questions are asked from this section, which is more alienated into 24 MCQ and 10 non-MCQs. The comprehension questions will examine the ability to understand the meaning of a particular passage. Questions about language use and its rules are expected to be included in the exam. Basic grammar testing is also part of the CAT 2018 exam. Candidates must complete this section in 60 minutes.

Section: Verbal and Reading Comprehension

    No. of MCQs: 24

    No. of Non-MCQs: 10

    Total Questions: 34

    Marks: 102

    • When preparing for the reading comprehension section, many students face a problem: they are unable to easily decode the reading comprehension section. The trick here is not to understand every word of understanding. So, at the same time, understanding the summary will not help either. When preparing the RC section, make a habit of deleting words, phrases, unnecessary sentences and focusing only on the keywords.
    • A good reading speed allows you to finish your exam before or after the time. Not many students know that moving your lips while reading slows your pace. Use a pen instead of as you go through the passage – this keeps your eyes, brain, and hand coordinated. Skimming & Scanning are also shorthand techniques for reading comprehension.
    • Most CAT toppers who were low in verbal ability opted for self-help after doing a thorough research and raised the question of how to improve the verbal ability for CAT. Not only did they prepare the cat’s verbal ability and reading comprehension well and greatly improved their verbal ability, but they also scored high on verbal ability by reading best books on CAT preparation 2018
    • Most of the toppers who have cracked CAT agree that they have taken a number of mock tests and did a post mock analysis. You need to analyze every note you try to look for mistakes and understand them well. Make sure that the errors are not repeated. This will further strengthen your preparation. The mocks and samples tests could work wonders in the verbal preparation Ability for CAT 2018. This fact has been tested by CAT toppers over a period of time. Taking more pretenses about the verbal ability will expose you to a wide variety of questions about verbal ability. The higher the number of Mocks, the better you’ll be in the Verbal Ability section.
    • The CAT verbal section is all about reading ability. One-third of the section is entirely devoted to reading comprehension, with a total of 16 questions on this model only. The other question models also focus on the reading ability test. Now understand what is this reading ability?
    • In simple terms, this is the measure of how a candidate can relate to the ideas presented in the paragraph. That’s all. He does not check how fast you finish reading the passage. It does not check the depth of your vocabulary. He just wants to test if you understood all the ideas in the passage or paragraph.
    • When we are not attentive to what we read, because we are tired and reading takes a lot of energy, or because we are not used to reading. Difficulty in the CAT 2018 of the questions and proximity in the answer options, not in the passage. You will never find a passage in CAT that is boring or hard to read. So, it’s still the second problem that is an obstacle to CAT cracking. Your reading habits give you an eye for every detail in the passage, and because you do not trust a bit of speed reading, questions that are clear and insoluble to other candidates are clear solutions in your mind. A way of reading can give you clarity in the ideas presented, which help you critically evaluate the options.

    Keep in mind that to crack the verbal section with 99% you will have to try between 36 to 42 questions and answer them right, subject to the difficulty of the paper. The meeker it is, the more problems you have to decline. And remember, you must have an accurateness of greater than 90%. Everything is less and it is not better than rates. This means that you can omit 8 to 14 questions – that is very little free space to play.


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