Vital Tips to Improve the Accuracy in CAT 2018

30 Aug, 2018
How Can I Improve my Accuracy in CAT

Vital Tips to Improve the Accuracy in CAT 2018 – CAT 2018 is round the corner and the aspirants need to ace in the examination. To score good marks, one must focus on to improve their accuracy. As accuracy always gives the best result but most of the students lack in this part and ultimately fails to achieve desirable marks than expected. This is the common problem found in the CAT exam as the students don’t find the right balance between time and speed. The most essential skill required for a candidate to qualify the exam is speed and accuracy which basically depends on your preparation and subject content. The candidates who are determined to qualify the exams this year with flying colors must be finding some strategy to implement on how to improve their accuracy. We hereby, to meet the growing demand of the aspirants have provided the sectional vital tips to improve the accuracy in CAT 2018.

“The aspirants need to improve their preparation keeping in mind 3 things –   High Accuracy, Management of time and Speed enhancement”.

Key Points to Improve the Accuracy in CAT 2018

    To maintain the high accuracy level throughout the exam the aspirants have to increase their potential in managing the time and must develop the habit of reading, understanding, and then solving the question. Rectifying the mistakes and errors is essential after solving the mock test, sample paper, and previous paper to improve the weakest area. As accuracy is considered to be the vital factors because the CAT 2018 exam is based on it. Read the below-given tips to improve your skills in solving the questions easily and quickly.

    • First and foremost, the candidate must focus to lessen the time of solving the question that is using the shortcut techniques to solve the question and even you need to strengthen the concepts. After each mock test analyzes and try to find out the quicker solution.
    • Secondly, leave the question that is difficult to solve or time taking. This will help in enhancing the speed and maximize the number of attempts also try to analyze the time taken after solving the questions in an online mock test and the step should be taken to improve it.
    • The most important is the synchronization of the questions that is always attempting easy questions first and then move to the harder one; also attempt the questions that will take less time. The last step you need to do is analyze the order of questions you attempted after every mock test.
    • After taking up the mock test one must be able to evaluate the type of question and must find an alternative solution to attempt the questions that is find the easy method to solve the twisted and difficult question.
    • Make a note of that question in which you were stuck up and try to solve it to increase your speed.
    • The most essential point to focus is to develop the habit of reading fast. Start reading the passage that consists of 500 words. Then increase the level of the passage to enhance the speed. Regular practice of reading is required to score good marks in this section.
    • While reading the passage of RC section, keep a piece of paper along with you and note down the difficult words come across, mark the important sentence and read the passage twice or thrice as doing do on repeatedly will make the concept clear. Also, note the time how much you have spent in one passage and repeat this for six days on the same strategy. Later you will gradually find there is an improvement in your reading speed and till the exams approach nearer you have developed a constant speed.

    CAT exam demands accuracy along with the time management. To improve it there are ample of factors that can be bought into practice so let’s have a look at some tricks section wise to improve the accuracy for CAT exam.

    Vital Tips To Improve the Accuracy in CAT 2018 for Quantitative Aptitude

    The vital point of this section is time management that is the question must be solved in the predefined proportionate of time which can only be possible if you practice more and more formulas. In this section, you come across the tricky Math problem. It’s a mind game that is all you have to do is to play with your mind but most of the candidates fail to do so due to less practice of formulas and lack in utilizing the time.

    Another reason, a candidate must develop is the habit of reading the questions properly in case if you misread the question you will interpret with a different meaning,  try reading each question 2-3 times. Interpretation with the different meaning basically happens due to time pressure to solve all the questions of a particular section so the candidate must learn time management also.

    It is mostly observed that the candidates have understood the question but while doing calculation they make lots of error and the candidates must focus on to improve their calculation efficiency. Moreover, one must analyze their mistake and avoid doing it repeatedly. Thoroughly learn tables up to 35, squares up to 50 and cubes up to 20. This will make the calculations easy and increase question-solving ability.

    Suggestions for CAT aspirants who are determined to obtain good marks in this section is to practice shortcuts and be affluent of formulas. 

    Vital Tips to Improve the Accuracy in CAT 2018 for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

    The important skill that will help you to better your accuracy and improve in scoring good marks is the right selection of the passage. Usually, the passages take up a lot of time to complete as it is lengthy and the students find it difficult to understand the concept and end up drawing the wrong conclusion and on the other hand they miss out to understand the main concept. This is due to reading the passage either too fast or too slow. So, you must evaluate to find out what speed you are comfortable with and adopt the same habit throughout.

    Another habit a candidate must implement in their study plan is the habit of reading. This will help the candidates in a better understanding of passage level as well as the difficulty. Once you are able the determine this you will be able to make a right selection. The simplest method one can adopt is to allocate 30 minutes and solve 4 passages in the time mentioned beforehand. After the completion of the passage, evaluate your performance and strategize the study plan accordingly. Even you will be able to understand your selection efficiency. Once you bring this inhabit definitely you will be able to score good marks in this section.

    The best way to select the right passage is to read the first paragraph of each passage and rate it between 1-10. Accordingly, select three passages that you have rated high and start solving the passage.

    The essential skill requires to develop for attempting this section is to implement the habit of reading. Read articles, novels, and business magazines to increase the speed and you can learn new words to increase vocabulary. To improve your accuracy beyond 80%, the candidates must practice from the right material.

    Vital Tips to Improve the Accuracy in CAT 2018 for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

    This section is considered to be the toughest section and the candidates’ speed, decision-making ability, and interpretation of data are tested. The candidate must think logically to solve the question for this section. The common problem a candidate does while solving is that all the data’s are not taken into consideration such small information is missed out. So be careful and make full utilization of the data.

    Another major mistake the candidates always do is the calculation error. It may many times happen that calculation involved in a question is tough so the candidate must focus to be comfortable with the calculation that is practice well to enhance your speed and accuracy. The relevant tables, squares, and cubes must be on your fingertips and try to do the calculation in your mind rather using the calculator or paper pen.

    The candidates determined to score good marks in the logical section must focus on the following points given below

    Read the information thoroughly as the information is given may be in the form of small lines and the candidates must remember not to miss out any detailed information; in case if you miss out any details it may lead to error.

    Quick Review on Some Important Points

    The three steps to improve, synchronize, and enhance the speed and accuracy is reading, understanding, and then solving the questions both for MCQ or Non– MCQ.

    However, the reading speed of the candidates will help in solving the questions in the given time frame. If you enhance the speed then reading passages, paragraphs and para jumbles will be easier to solve in less time.

    It is very painful to sit continuously for three hours is very painful and over to that using your brain for reading, calculations, analytical thinking, recalling various formulae requires practice. Accordingly, the sections are arranged, first with language-based questions followed by reasoning and calculation based questions.

    Hope the above information will be helpful for the aspirants to crack the exam in all the three sections.


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