Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Prepare for XAT 2019 Smartly

07 Sep, 2018
Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Prepare for XAT 2019 Smartly

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Prepare for XAT 2019 Smartly – This is perhaps the biggest question in the sense of every aspirant. Do you ask yourself – is coaching worthwhile for XAT preparation or can it be controlled with self-help? We know it directly from the mouth of the horse. If one follows an appropriate strategy and learning material then it is simple to score good percentile in XAT entrance exams. XAT exam is the significant entrance exam for MBA candidates after CAT. So here are some essential Tips & Tricks to Prepare for XAT 2019 Smartly.

#Tip 1: Advantages of Taking Mock Tests

  • Mock tests help test participants to get used to sitting in a place for three to three and a half hours with full concentration. It is a way to condition the body without feeling tired of the computer screen and solving the questions.
  • Taking mock tests helps you identify the areas in which you need to improve.
  • Taking up mocks six months before the actual test, but with a lesser incidence of about once in two weeks. When the exam is getting closer, try to take mock exams at least on alternating days to keep the river going.
  • Taking up mocks is not enough. You must also work on the aspects that you evaluate in these tests. A sectional preparation approach and topic-wise scrutiny is very helpful and gives you an idea of what to focus on.

#Tip 2: Balance your Professional Life

It takes a practice that requires a certain amount of time to be taken out every day. Try to keep three hours apart from the regular schedule just for practice. So try to set up all the work at this time to make sure that these three hours were not compromised. Weekends are also of paramount importance if you are preparing to work. You can’t spend it relaxing and doing tasks because you have to spend a lot of time practicing each section.

#Tip 3: Avoid Negative Marking

    Do not try many questions about conjecture and if you are in a bad situation and desperately need it then it is advisable to apply the process of elimination (POE) in order to eliminate the less probable decisions at zero-in on the right. 0.25 For every wrong answer and 0.05 for more than 13 untried questions. Do not make any random guesses. It will only reduce your score. If you see a question and you have no idea at all, leave it. If you feel that you can do it, but end up wasting more than 2 minutes, then keep your ego aside and move on to the next!

    #Tip 4: Verbal ability is Equally Important

    A good vocabulary and reading comprehension is equally important. Learn to read quickly. Learn new words every day. That takes time to build, but as soon as you have, half of your work is done. XAT-Questions (also quant-questions) use much more “language” than the other entrance tests of the B-school.

    #Tip 5: Some Vital Hacks

    • Make sure your basics are clear. Make continuous notes in coaching classes.
    • Take up as many mocks as possible. Just before the exam, you increase the limits of taking mocks.
    • Analyze the solution well for the right tests and see if there is a better time-saving method.
    • Try to solve the wrong question and then examine the solution and analyze the gap.
    • In the case of untried questions, check whether the concept is missing or lacking time.
    • Emphasis more on the XAT special questions, particularly Decision Making. It is supposed as a subjective section and is hence, tough.
    • Take sectional tests. This will benefit you comprehend which is your robust section is and which area to develop. This will aid you to know which segment gives you a good edge.
    • Learn the new concepts you will find.
    • Do the right thing. See both sides of a story. Be ripe. Think of “for the greater good”. And you will be anxious about decision making. XAT is altered to the selection of a certain type of people rather people with certain types of thinking.
    • The preparation for XAT necessitates a certain quantity of dedication, refined thought process, and systematic practice, it is one of the hardest tests that there is to crack. On the other hand, the scoring of 99 + percentile in XAT is not as hard as the anything else. Put your mind to attain this goal and work it out with enthusiasm and not anything can stop it.

    This is how you can embrace success in XAT 2019 by following the aforesaid tips and tricks. Our experts endeavor hard to educate you with success mantras to crack XAT exam; hence, stay tuned to our website.


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