Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 with Sectional Preparation Plan

10 Sep, 2018
Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 with Sectional Preparation Plan

XAT Preparation approach or the question Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 with Sectional Preparation Plan over the years will be responded on the basis of two key things – XAT test papers of the past years and the predictable XAT pattern with probable changes in XAT. There are certain alterations in each XAT test. The paper can be divided into three parts: concept-oriented, practice-intensive and environmentally sensitive. Numerical Ability & Data Understanding and selected areas of verbal and logical skills are concept-oriented; Decision-making & analytic reasoning is a purely practice-intensive section, while general knowledge is environmentally sensitive. The exam differs significantly from the other MBA entrance exams as it contains a decision-making section. This is an area that verifies your management ability by providing various situations and cases and asks you to find the right recourse in these situations.

Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 Numerical Ability Section

As stated earlier, this section will need strict practice and patience. Most of the questions in this segment will be around geometry, numbering system, functions, probability, and data understanding. To get this section on an ace, applicants need to make clear their conceptions on the topics mentioned above. In solving the questions in this section, candidates must maintain their correctness and review the time.

Numerical Ability

Number Systems Probability
HCF/LCM Permutation & Combination
Averages Line Graphs
Percentages Other Chart Types
Profit & Loss Mensuration
Simple/Compound Interest Geometry
Data Tables Co-ordinate Geometry
Pie Charts Trigonometry
Equations Mixtures
Inequalities Set Theory
Complex numbers Data Sufficiency


    Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 Verbal Ability Section

    • Reading Comprehension
    • Para jumbles
    • Vocabulary
    • English Grammar
    • Sentence Correction
    • Facts / Inference /Judgments
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Fill in the Blanks

    The applicant’s argumentation skills are rigorously tested, while vocabulary-based questions are rarely asked. Candidates must be a fast reader and have excellent comprehensive skills. Most passages will be conclusive and of an advanced level. Therefore, candidates must be cautious in resolving these passages. The practice of sample papers, the previous year’s question papers, and the writing test will help the candidates to improve in this section.

    Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 Logical Reasoning Section

    • Principled Decision Making
    • Conclusion Making in Business Circumstances

    This section will include questions and issues related to various business and everyday situations. These situations will create predicaments for the groups involved. And the solution delivers the best likely analysis that the applicants must pick. Here are the diverse types of questions the applicants might face – ethical catches, issues of revenue and other monetary conditions, profits of a company, situations of several management problems, and General Management.

    Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 General Awareness Section

    • This section comprises of 25 questions
    • 20 minutes will be allotted for this section
    • The difficulty level is reasonable as no thinking is necessary.
    • Most questions are on recent affairs and some on GK.

    Tips to Score High in XAT 2019 with Sectional Preparation Plan: General Tips

    • Before beginning the preparations, it is recommended to go through all previous years papers in order to get a picture of all questions posed in the examination. This will help a candidate to learn about the level of questions posed by XAT syllabus.
    • Candidates must ensure that all sections are of the same importance in order to achieve maximum grades in order to clarify the sectional reductions defined by the managing authority.
    • As the level of examination is difficult, efficient management of time will prove to be enrichment.
    • For the GK section, it is important to keep up to date with stagnant and current events all over the world. According to the trends, knowledge of the last 6 months of news will suffice for XAT preparation for this section.
    • To prepare for essay writing one must write 2 essays per day and have it evaluated to know the quality and the flow of it.

    This is all about the section-wise preparation tips of XAT 2019. The aspirants can embrace success by following the aforesaid tips.


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