Tips to Improve CAT score 2018 from 50 to 99 Percentile

21 Aug, 2018

Tips to Improve CAT Score 2018 – To improve the CAT score from 50 to 99 percentile you will have to adopt few tips and strategies recommended by the top scorers and experts. Getting a score of 90%ile in the CAT 2018 exams means you will have to perform better than 90% of the candidates. Since the CAT 2018 exam is around the corner, it is certainly the best time to start your preparations. Most think it is very tough to crack a CAT exam, but the fact is, it is not. What just requires is a good understanding of the fundamentals and some constant preparations.

SWOT Analysis: Do some SWOT analysis. Before your CAT exam, try to do some strength, weakness, opportunities, threat analysis of yourself over the CAT 2018 syllabus.  If you seem to make recurrent mistakes in a particular section of the exam, then go back to strengthen your basic theories in that specific area. With this, you may avoid spending extra time towards the subject in which you are already a master.  One should know where they stand in each section of the CAT exams. Try to give an initial mock test to analyze where you stand. This will help you to segregate the amount of time towards each section. Make a note of your areas of weaknesses in each topic and try to point out the faults you made and also what type of errors they were.

    Avoid Making Mistakes: by analyzing them. Remember you will have to avoid committing silly mistakes and to identify what blunders you have made, you have to analyze and try not committing those mistakes again. If you consider you are one good learner, then IIMs is your ultimate destination. Don’t panic about the mistakes you make. But if you think that you are blunder proof, just give it a second thought!

    Time Boxing: According to the specialists and CAT 2017 toppers, this section appears last during your exam. So make sure to manage your time with the other sections, so that you get ample time to solve the quant section. Time is the most valued resource, not only for the CAT but everywhere. As the sections are time-boxed, you may have to be clear about the timing that you will be allocated for each of the section, especially for the quant section.

    Mock Tests: are kind of revision tools that will help you recall whatever you have studied. The candidates must take CAT mock tests at least twice or thrice a week. They not only help you to check and exercise whatever you have prepared, but they also give you a vision of what’s really working in your homework plan and helps you to readjust the same for the future days. Also, students tend to get pressurized before the exams. So these mock tests will help you feel comfortable about the actual exam and stress-free.

    Learn the Hidden Trick behind Every Section: If you consider the Logical Reasoning section, for instance, It is all about knowing the hidden trick in the given question and working it down with a sense of logic. So to crack this section spend some time for some devising sessions, like solving puzzles, Crosswords, Sudoku, jumbled words, riddles on blood relations, family tree etc. These kind of activities are fun to do and also will help you clear the LR section of CAT 2018. This kind of similar approach to other sections will definitely improve your score from 50 to 99 percentile.

    Reading Practice: Allocate at least 2 hours per day to reading practice. This could be from the normal newspapers, weekly periodicals or from online articles.  This activity can go until the last week of CAT. Understand it is most important to get familiar with a particular section or topic. To attain this try to choose a particular section, say Logical reasoning and try to solve as many problems as possible from each topic under the same. Try to read as many novels, books as you can and remember to finish them within two to three weeks of time. If you can, then you are the one! Try reading books from various genres. Who knows you RC passage may be from any one of them!

    Religiously follow the aforesaid tips and improve your percentile in the CAT 2018 Exam.


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