Tips to Crack CAT 2018 without Coaching

17 May, 2018

Tips to Crack CAT 2018 without Coaching – The CAT exams assess individual’s ability to ruminate beyond the normal. The primary thing that you will have to decide while you prepare for the CAT exam is to do a self-preparation or go to a coaching center. If you are a first timer, it is a bit tough for you to crack the CAT in one attempt. It does not imply that you cannot make it without a coaching center, but you might need the guidance of an expert and some influence from the alumnae which can make your CAT journey a bit easier. If you plan to choose a coaching center it is better to analyze and choose the one that suits all of your requirements. Before you choose a coaching center, try to analyze their past records and look into the faculty list.

Role of coaching centers

The role of coaching center is very important to be analyzed. Right now it provides more of knowledge-based training but we may need more of intelligence-based coaching to crack the CAT. These type of coaching can be applied to any real-life situations for problem-solving as well. The CAT 2018 exams do not follow a typical pattern. So a Rota based training will not be sufficient to out-do in the CAT. If you are starting really from scratch, then you might definitely need the help of coaching centers. They accelerate the procedure of learning. So once after you are ok with the various strategies and concepts involved, then you may start the preparations and mock tests all by yourself.

    It is a fact that management coaching organizations play a vital role in giving a candidate a controlled approach towards cracking the CAT exam. But it is totally the decision of the candidate to opt for a coaching center or not. However, the aspirants preparing for CAT are expected to have a proper groundwork plan and strategy. The applicants must be acquainted with the CAT 2018 syllabus, should make a schedule and make good use of the tuition time.

    Some tips to crack the CAT without opting for coaching centers.

    There are applicants who have outshined in the CAT without any supervision of the coaching classes. To crack the CAT the aspirants can follow few tips like those mentioned below without enrolling in any coaching centers

    1- Make sure to know the syllabus and the exam pattern of CAT.

    The CAT steering committee usually makes alterations to the existing exam pattern. So better not to get petrified, rather try to change it into an experiment and start preparing as per the newest exam pattern published.

    2- Make sure you have the adequate study materials to start the preparation.

    There might be thousands of books in the market which entitle to be the best guide to crack CAT. But too many references may confuse you, as they might have a concept defined and solved in a different way. So, CAT toppers propose that it is better to refer two good books on any topic for CAT exam preparation. Make sure these two books would give you all the necessary data you need.

    3- Make use of the online Mock tests.

    Mock tests help you a lot. They actually give you a simulated environment of the exams which will help you a lot. They not only help you to check and exercise whatever you have prepared, but they also give you a vision of what’s really working in your homework plan and helps you to readjust the same for the future days.

    4- Try to create peer groups

    Try to create peer study groups with whom you can share questions, doubts etc. This helps in communication and knowledge sharing is also enabled. Starting a small crowd and debating with them on regular interims on the different questions you have and concepts involved will help you to develop a collection of methods involved.

    5- Make use of the online resources that are free.

    Owing to the growth of the technology, we must be thankful for the resources that are available for free over the internet. So try to make use of them the most.

    Finally, it is more important to emphasize more on your feeble areas than your sturdy areas. So try to understand the basics and concepts thoroughly and keep putting in your 100% efforts to crack the CAT.


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