Tips on How to Improve Score in DILR Section

12 May, 2018

Tips on How to Improve Score in DILR Section– The Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning is considered to be the toughest and time-consuming section in the CAT exams. So those who can solve as much number of questions in DILR section have more chances of making it into the merit list of CAT 2018.

Many candidates feel the Logical Reasoning section as the hardest part in CAT examination in specific. Questions in this section usually come in bits. For example, a passage is given and you will be expected to read it thoroughly to answer the questions asked which will be based on the given passage.

    Questions on DI & LR in CAT 2018 could important influences to drive your score up or tug the same down rendering to the ability with which the segment is tried in 1 hour.

    Section-wise questions

    Section Multiple choice Qs. Non-Multiple Choice Qs.
    DI 12 4
    LR 12 4


    Topics in DILR to cover


    Following are some tips to prepare and crack the DILR section in CAT 2018.

    • When you are at the exam, try to devote some time over a question go through it carefully before you start answering. A detailed elucidation of why each answer you select is correct or wrong should go into your cognizance. Try to practice this with simple reasoning questions first and understand the logic behind solving DILR
    • Never ever assume things that are not present in the passage. It might be tricking you. Better to consider only what is given and try to use the information of what is only provided.
    • In the Data Interpretation section the amount of calculation may be rigorous. Sometimes they might be very tough as well. So it is important for you to start practicing manual calculations. Try to avoid the screen-based calculators as they might consume time during the exam. Make sure to practice and memorize simple tables, square, square roots, factorials etc. Make it a point to do the calculations in mind, rather than using a paper/pen.
    • The Data Interpretation is not only about calculations. It might also involve understanding the logic behind every question. What happens at times is that the questions are put up in such a way that it might look straight, but the answer is no! Therefore try to improve your reading skills as well simultaneously.
    • Make sure to read through all the responses before selecting the right one. Also make sure to consider the eliminated choices before moving on to the next. Pay more concentration to the words like “all,” “none,” or “some” when you read the actual information. Other suitable words like “other than,” “unless” or “only” are to be noted too. These words can play a important role in exactly specifying the facts to be used in your reasoning. Pay attention to negative words as well, as they might the change the meaning of the sentence completely misleading you to a wrong answer.
    • The Logical Reasoning section is all about knowing the hidden trick in the given question and working it down with a sense of logic. So to crack this section spend some time for some devising sessions, like solving puzzles, Crosswords, Sudoku, jumbled words, riddles on blood relations, family tree etc. These kind of activities are fun to do and also will help you clear the LR section of CAT 2018.
    • In the Logical Reasoning section sets, try to analyze and note down the diverse types of of problems that you come across during your preparations and mock tests. Remember to note down the ways in which those problems are solved.
    • Finally it is all about practice. This is the key to any preparation. DI & LR section is just like math, so unless you practice you won’t get it right.

    It is all about being logical!


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