Tips for XLRI GD PI Preparation and Important Questions

10 Sep, 2018
Tips for XLRI GD PI Preparation Important Questions

The selection procedure of XLRI includes the group discussion and personal interview stages. Many applicants find it simple to clear XAT exam with a high percentile, but find it comparatively difficult to take up the GD and PI. To make the XLRI selection round, you have to prepare carefully. The candidates can find some Tips for XLRI GD PI Preparation & Important Questions

XLRI Group Discussion Preparation Tips

The first round is that of the group discussion. Here, the board splits the participating applicants into different groups consisting of 10-15 candidates. You will then be provided with a topic to which you all need a discussion for about 15 to 20 minutes. Within a few minutes, you can feel how the discussion turns into a fish market where you might not hear anything and make your position seem as impossible. There is a myth that candidates who shout or make their point in a loud heavy voice can be nominated for the next round. But the reality is that the candidates who have meaning and have enough content in what they say can come to the shortlist.

  • List down some quick points to speak
  • Express your views in a strong voice
  • Be composed in picking your words
  • Be a good hearer
  • Don’t be exaggerated
  • Maintain your body language
  • Under no circumstances aim at a single person and talk to the crowd

Some Common Topics Asked in the XLRI GD

  1. Digital India- Whom does it benefit?
  2. Is violence the price we have to pay for social equality?
  3. Making Aadhaar Obligatory: Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. Is diverse economy favored?
  5. Does India need a single party rule?
  6. Influence of Technology on Occupations
  7. Should the reservation be removed?
  8. Allocation system to be eliminated
  9. Is GST actually one nation, One tax scheme?
  10. Is mass media an unavoidable constituent of marketing?

Sample Questions that may be asked in XLRI PI

  • Which company did you work for?
  • What services does your company employ? And what were your duties?
  • What challenges were you facing in your job?
  • If you have to change something in India, what would that be?
  • What is the per capita income? And how is it calculated?
  • What is a recession? What’s slow down? What is the difference?
  • What is Sensex? How many types of scribe include Sensex?
  • What is an investment fund?

Tips to be kept in Mind during PI Round

    The interview is arranged to assess the performance of the candidates and also to know them deeply. The candidates fear to face the personal interview, and the reason for this can be many, such as low level of confidence, fear of public speaking and lack of communication skills, etc. During the interview, the interviewers test the communication skills, confidence, performance, and adaptability of a candidate.

    • Don’t fiddle with the pen, the sleeve or whatsoever else. Uphold eye contact with the interviewer, but do not gaze. Speak assertively. Try to be honest everywhere. Do not cook up things
    • Try to speak upright. For an interview, an aspirant should have a well-prepared answer to ‘ tell me about you ‘. It should contain points with which the aspirant feels comfortable and would like to be asked questions.
    • Maintain your posture and show interest during the interview. You must not appear gloomy and uninteresting. At no time try to bluff the board.
    • Current affairs and basic knowledge of economics can go a long way to deliver the board a good impression of you. You will know that you are a person who is aware of the surroundings and the environment.
    • Nevertheless, you can make a great influence if you can display the interviewers you know. This necessitates deep intelligence over a long time to actually develop awareness of what they want, their assets and faults.
    • Once you are cognizant of these things and if the interviewer sees you truly responding, you would have typically cleared the interview.

    Some Important Questions to be Expected in PI

    1. Your educational background
    2. Questions on the basis of work experience
    3. General knowledge and recent affairs
    4. Questions based on your future plans like- where do you see you in 5 years? Why did you opt for MBA?
    5. Questions on your persona like – What is your assets/weakness?

    This is all about the GD/PI Round of XLRI. Start preparing to nail these rounds with the help of aforesaid information.


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