Tips for Time Management in CAT 2018

27 Jul, 2018

Tips for Time Management in CAT 2018 – To qualify the CAT exam that is going to be conducted on 25th November 2018, the aspirants ought to learn the time management skills in order to attempt each question to be asked in the main CAT exam. The most important thing that needs to be done by each candidate is to take up the online mock test that will help them this skill for sure. Start solving those questions first that seems to be easy for the candidates and later on go for the toughest one and yes, don’t waste too much of time on a single question. Lastly, there are so many other tips that will surely help the candidates for learning time management but for that, they need to read this article thoroughly.

Time Management Before the CAT 2018 Exam

  • When there is 10 to 8 Weeks left for the CAT exam try to take at least four tests per week at this phase. It is absolutely fine to score low marks at this stage, as you are still trying to strengthen your base only. This is the time when your preparations are in peak.
  • So it is necessary to take a minimum of six or seven tests during this level, as this will aid you to handle with the degree of the stress that comes with CAT exam preparation.
  • Time is the most valuable resource, not only for the CAT but everywhere. As the sections are time-boxed, you may have to be clear about the timing that you will be allocated for each of the section, especially for the quant section.
  • The more the number of tests you take, the greater the robust you turn out to be. The mid phase is the finest to get that pressure intensified. When you have one month left for the CAT – It is the time reread and to relax. So taking up too many mock tests can be stressful at this point in time.
  • Here review does not mean only taking up mocks. It adheres to revising your course of study again, speed-reading your whole syllabus and getting a hold of the tips to make it to the merit list

During the CAT 2018 Exam

  • 5 to 7 minutes for filling the personal details (if asked for any)
  • 5 to 7 minutes to skim through the questions
  • 30 minutes for the questions for which you know accurate answers (each section).
  • 30 minutes for questions which you are not so sure about the approach and answer.
  • 5 minutes to evaluate your answers and make sure everything is fine.

Sectional Time Management During the CAT 2018 Exam

  • Since last year the sectional time limit has been introduced in the CAT exams and it is the most challenging part as well. So managing the sectional time limit now becomes an important aspect of the CAT exam preparations. Below are few tips to prepare you to manage sectional time limits.
  • Each of the section in the CAT exam will consist of 30 to 35 questions each.
  • The candidates are expected to attempt a minimum of 30 questions in a section and will have approx. one hour time.
  • If we consider the quantitative aptitude section the candidate may have approximately 2 minutes to solve every question. This is going to make the CAT 2018 tough.
  • Even experienced candidates who have put their best efforts at the time of preparation stage would require 3-4 minutes to answer each question.
  • Owing to negative marking, it is imperative for candidates to emphasize more on the right answers rather than the number of questions tried. If we consider this approach, then an average entrant would only be able to answer 20 questions appropriately. So now the pattern of time that has been changed, the candidate should be able to answer 20 to 25 questions minimum in one hour and if you are about answering them accurately then you can score 95 to 99 percentile.
  • Attempt non-MCQ questions which do not attract ‘Negative Marking’
  • Try to attempt non-Multiple choice questions to avoid negative marking. In the new CA exam format, each section of the exam would comprise both MCQ and non-MCQ questions. Usually speaking, the non-MCQs do not entice the fury of negative marking and so are considered safe to answer.
  • According to the specialists and CAT toppers, this section appears last during your exam. The limited time available to solve the questions in the CAT exam is the important point to note while preparing for the same.
  • While most of the questions being asked in CAT are plain, what makes them hard to crack is the restricted timeframe. Therefore, make sure that you follow time-boxed practice sessions as part of your preparations.
  • Of all, make sure to practice this with both multiple choices and non-multiple choice type of questions. This will help you improve your speed of attempting the questions. So make sure to manage your time with the other sections, so that you get ample time to solve the quant section.

Manage your time while CAT 2018 Exam and embrace the success with selection in top management program.


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