Think MBA or Think CAT

06 Sep, 2018
Think MBA, Think CAT

Think MBA or Think CAT – ‘Why MBA’ may be one of the conventional questions in the management domain, but it is also one of the most significant questions that an aspirant must be able to answer. For the one, you will be making abundant ransoms on your professional and private fronts in order to get the MBA label. It will be the most important turning point of your life.

Why the CAT and what is it all about?

If you are determined and thoughtful about the profession, then you can’t disregard the CAT 2018. Essentially, the CAT is a permit to get admittance into India’s topmost management institutions like IIMs and into the further tier-I management schools. Here you not only get an MBA degree but also a chance to study under brilliant leaders. Certainly, CAT offers you topmost verge to your profession. If you are beholding to do an MBA, you essentially go with the CAT for enhanced forthcoming and employment. The strategy of an individual may vary from the knowledge level to the availability of study materials etc. While that is there, here are some tips and insights on what strategy the CAT toppers used to crack the CAT. All these tips must be followed with utmost discipline so as to crack the CAT in the first attempt.

Overview of Sections in the CAT and some Tips to Clear the CAT Exam:

    The CAT exams assess individual’s ability to ruminate beyond the normal. The primary thing that you will have to decide while you prepare for the CAT exam is to do a self-preparation or go to a coaching center. If you are a first timer, it is a bit tough for you to crack the CAT in one attempt. It does not imply that you cannot make it without a coaching center, but you might need the guidance of an expert and some influence from the alumnae which can make your CAT journey a bit easier.

    • Quantitative Aptitude is the toughest section for students in the CAT exam but the scores from this part have weightage of 1/3 of the whole paper. Quant, in a way, is a prose of logical concepts; wherein the questions are based on logic and concepts. Solving this section can be quite perplexing for test takers as the difficulty level of the section ranges from moderate to high.
    • The Data Interpretation and Logical reasoning section in the CAT are just not only about calculations. It might also involve understanding the logic behind every question. What happens at times is that the questions are put up in such a way that it might look straight, but the answer is no! The Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning section is considered to be the toughest and time-consuming section in the CAT exams. So those who can solve as much number of questions in DILR section have more chances of making it into the merit list of the CAT. So the score from this section is very well important for you to make it to the CAT merit list.
    • To surpass in the VARC section, aspirants must have a habit of reading newspapers, periodicals and novels habitually – this aids them to develop vocabulary and at the same time helps you to be well-informed. VARC section consists of total 34 questions of which 24 are multiple choice and 10 are non- multiple choice type of questions.
    • Mock tests help you a lot to clear. They actually give you a simulated environment of the exams which will help you a lot. It is not only about taking the mock tests but keeps in mind you should inculcate the art of endurance to sit in front of the computer for three hours without obstructing the focus and attention. Mock tests are kind of revision tools that will help you recall whatever you have studied. Also, students tend to get pressurized before the exams.
    • So these mock tests will help you feel comfortable about the actual exam and stress-free. The candidates must take the CAT mock tests at least twice or thrice a week. They not only help you to check and exercise whatever you have prepared, but they also give you a vision of what’s really working in your homework plan and helps you to readjust the same for the future days.
    • According to the experts and CAT toppers, the quant section appears last during your exam. The limited time available to solve the questions in the CAT exam is the important point to note while preparing for the same.
    • While most of the questions being asked in CAT are plain, what makes them hard to crack is the restricted timeframe. Therefore, make sure that you follow time-boxed practice sessions as part of your preparations.
    • So make sure to manage your time with the other sections, so that you get ample time to solve the quant section. Of all, make sure to practice this with both multiple choices and non-multiple choice type of questions. This will help you improve your speed of attempting the questions.
    • It may be prominent that even if a part number of questions out of the total questions if tried accurate can procure you a percentile of 98 to 99. Professionals recommend starting organizing for the CAT exam as soon as possible. It requires about 6 to 8 months preparing for the CAT and getting your admittance into the MBA program in one of the topmost colleges.

    This is all about why you should Think MBA as well as Think CAT. Any queries will be answered in the comment box by our expert mentors.


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